NBA 2K14 Simulates the NBA All-Star Game

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This is what happens when a game developer and publisher like 2K Sports makes a game that looks and plays hauntingly realistic. In case you weren't aware, NBA 2K14 on Playstation 4 and Xbox One is very purdy (southern drawl required). 

Because of its beauty and realistic gameplay, there's a strong urge to simulate meaningful games from the NBA schedule.

Obviously, the most fun with the game can be had by actually playing it, but NBA 2K14 looks so real, there's a good amount of enjoyment to experience from simply watching a simulation play out.

The latest sim is of the upcoming NBA All-Star game. Thanks to the most recent roster, uniform and arena update, the All-Stars, their horrible sleeved-jerseys and the new Smoothie King Arena court have been accurately recreated.

The video doesn't show the entire simmed game. It's a highlight reel that captures the best moments of what turned out to be a thrilling game.

A good amount of work went into producing this video clip, so it would be appreciated if you watched it. After all, it is just a little over five minutes.

But, in case you're sneaking at your desk at school, work or in church, and you just want to know the result and the MVP, here's the spoiler.

The Western Conference pulled out a nail biter 100-99. As you can tell, the game actually featured some defense. We know nobody plays defense in the All-Star game until the last five minutes—if its close.

Still, it was cool to see the virtual likenesses of the game's best players actually compete on both ends.

It makes you wonder how the game would be if the players went hard in real life. 

Blake Griffin won the MVP of the game.

He threw down some nasty slams and tallied 24 points to lead all scorers. Take a look at the video. If it evokes the desired effect, you'll probably want to play the game as soon as you get home.

Follow me. Sports or video games. I'll take both, please.

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