Westminster Dog Show 2014 Results: Best of Breed Winners and Day 1 Recap

Jesse Reed@@JesseReed78Correspondent IFebruary 11, 2014

From the cute and cuddly to majestic and regal, the 2014 Westminster Dog Show featured canines of all shapes and sizes when the Best of Breed results were announced on Day 1. 

Four different groups were on display on Monday at Madison Square Garden in New York—Hound, Toy, Non-Sporting and Herding—featuring dozens of breeds in each group.

The arena so many sports fans associate with NBA basketball was transformed for this prestigious competition, as shown by the venue on Twitter:

From a field of thousands of world-class dogs, the field narrowed down considerably with the Best of Breed winners. From there, the Best of Group competition narrows down the field even more for the final Best in Show, which caps off the event at the end of Day 2. 

Here's a look at all the Best of Breed winners from Day 1, followed by a look at the four elite canines that won Best of Group honors on Monday night. 

Best of Breed Winners: Hound
Afghan HoundGCH Criston Enchanted
American English CoonhoundCh Moonlight's Most Wanted In Blue
American FoxhoundGCH Kiarry's Rag Doll
BasenjiGCH Jasiri-Sukari Win Tin Tin
Basset HoundGCH Topsfield-Sanchu Eenie Meenie Miney Moe
Beagle, 13 In.GCH Bougain'E Naughty-N-Lovely Alvin
Beagle, 15 In.GCH Tashtins Lookin For Trouble
Black and Tan CoonhoundGCH Bayaway Jersey's Due Process Of Law
BloodhoundGCH Flessner's International S'Cess
Bluetick CoonhoundCh Evenstar N Heritage Mint Julep
BorzoiGCH Sylvan Silver Springbok
Dachshund (Longhaired)GCH Kaycees Galewinns Starburst At Wagsmore MLD
Dachshund (Smooth)GCH Bessdachs Electric Martini
Dachshund (Wirehaired)GCH Del Prado's Bar Code W
English FoxhoundGCH Monocacy Bend's Wellington
GreyhoundGCH Grandcru Phelps Insignia
Ibizan HoundGCH Serandida Abbaio La Contessa Scalza SC
Irish WolfhoundCh Kuriann Of First Avenue
Norwegian ElkhoundGCH Vin-Melca's The Norseman
OtterhoundGCH Scentasia's End Of An Era CGC
Petits Bassets Griffons VendeenGCH Hicotton Can'T Stop Rockin
Pharaoh HoundGCH Osiris Cowboy Casanova
PlottCh CGCH C-Cruz Mob Boss Vito's Gotcha
Portuguese Podengo PequenoGCH Houla's Border Patrol Pw CM
Redbone CoonhoundCh Sidearm Return Of The King
Rhodesian RidgebackGCH Raquel Welch Of Malabo Apd
SalukiGCH Ladyhawk Guinness The Menace Of Tazi
Scottish DeerhoundGCH Hobarra's Let's Get It Started
Treeing Walker CoonhoundGCH Stackem Up I Did It My Way
WhippetGCH Sporting Fields Bahama Sands
Best of Breed Winners: Toy
AffenpinscherGCH Yarrow's Hi-Tech Ben There Done That
Brussels GriffonCh Cashin's Sizzling Bacon Bit
Cavalier King Charles SpanielGCH Grantilley Galaxy Moon
Chihuahua (Long Coat)Ch Bramver's Royal Tuxedo
Chihuahua (Smooth Coat)Ch Sonnus Filho (Sanchez)
Chinese CrestedGCH Daretobebare Flashy Threads
English Toy Spaniel (B&PC)Maibee Orlando
English Toy Spaniel (KC&R)GCH Lto Prosperity
HavaneseGCH Harbor's Sky-Blue Pink
Italian GreyhoundGCH Donavin's Caramel Macchiato
Japanese ChinCh Chindale's Anything She Wants
MalteseGCH Richelieu's Valentino
Manchester Terrier (Toy)GCH Burmack's Highlander At Chesterfield
Miniature PinscherGCH Marlex Classic Red Glare
PapillonGCH Wildfire On The Record
PekingeseCh Yakee Easily Persuaded
PomeranianGCH CR Chase What Matters
Poodle (Toy)Ch Smash Jp Beauty & Beat
PugGCH Caper's Sirius Endeavor
Shih TzuCh Hallmark Jolei Rocket Power
Silky TerrierGCH Karisma Heart And Soul
Toy Fox TerrierCh Starfox Stealing My Heart At Juslyn
Yorkshire TerrierGCH Trio's Big Shot
Best of Breed Winners: Non-Sporting
American Eskimo DogGCH Nuuktok's Atka Inukshuk
Bichons FrisesGCH Saks Winning Card
Boston TerrierCh Motif's Unstoppable At Rio
BulldogGCH My Heart's Bazinga
Chinese Shar-PeiGCH Jade East Do You Know The Way To San Jose
Chow ChowGCH Dreamland's Startin' A Revolution
DalmatianGCH Spotted Bliss Oreo Delight
Finnish SpitzGCH Pikkinokka Badgr Sir Barksalot
French BulldogGCH Lionheart's Fortune Five Hundred
KeeshondGCH Kj's Hot Date
Lhasa ApsoGCH Xeralane's Kid Rock
LowchenGCH Paceaway Play It Again
Poodle (Miniature)GCH Bellefleet's Living In The Fast Lane
Poodle (Standard)GCH Brighton Lakeridge Encore
SchipperkeGCH Dante Fire When Ready
Shiba InuGCH Dragon House Mr.Jones
Tibetan SpanielGCH Kan Sing's Tenzin
Tibetan TerrierCh Barnstorm Sim-Pa Caught On The Fly By Dzine
XoloitzcuintliGCH Bayshore Georgio Armani
Best of Breed Winners: Herding
Australian Cattle DogGCH Littleflock The Peacemaker
Australian ShepherdGCH Copperridge What's Your Dream
Bearded CollieGCH Dreamchaser Follow Your Dreams
BeauceronGCH Bijou Noir Du Chateau Rocher HT RE
Belgian MalinoisGCH Broadcreek's Elsa
Belgian SheepdogGCH Cibola's Brazos De Dios Of Adagio
Belgian TervurenGCH Mishaook Lulu At Chateau Blanc
Border CollieGCH Tang Dynasty Rocky
Bouvier des FlandresGCH Stonepillar's Steel Blu
BriardGCH Lighting Strike El Xargall
Canaan DogGCH Pleasant Hill Magnum Of Samara
Cardigan Welsh CorgiGCH Riverside Telltail Coco Posh
Collie (Rough)GCH Devinwood A Perfect Stranger
Collie (Smooth)GCH Bit O Heavens Sorceress CD PT RN
Finnish LapphundGCH Sugarok Guardian Spirit
German Shepherd DogGCH Wolf Creek Galaxy Of Merivern
Icelandic SheepdogGCH Bjarkarkots Hroi Hottur Luke MX AXJ OF
Norwegian BuhundCh Trollheimen's Pink Tourmaline
Old English SheepdogGCH Bugaboo's Picture Perfect
Pembroke Welsh CorgiGCH Aubrey's Moon River
Polish Lowland SheepdogGCH Swan Crest The Power Of Love Eternal
PuliGCH Cordmaker Topsy Turvey
Pyrenean ShepherdGCH La Brise Sun Bear
Shetland SheepdogGCH Grandgables The Frat Boy
Swedish VallhundCh Fantasi Starlight Tiwaz PAX MXP3 MJP3 RA CD BN PT THD MXPB MJPB


Starting off with the live events of the evening, the hounds hit the stage at Madison Square Garden, and the field was loaded with brilliant specimens, as shown by Erica Hill of NBC:

As Hill pointed out, Nathan the Bloodhound won Best of Group honors, with the Whippet, Basset Hound and Irish Wolfhound rounding out the top four, as shown by the Westminster Dog Show on Twitter:

Looking at "Nathan," even an average dog lover can appreciate his remarkable combination of elegance, strength, vitality and that extra bit of cute. Clearly, judge Douglas Johnson appreciated his finer qualities as well, and the bloodhound earned a spot in the running for Best in Show as a result. 

After the hounds left the stage, it was time for the toy breeds to shine.

Many of the breeds featured were of the cute-and-cuddly variety, making it hard for the average viewer to pick a favorite. 

In the end, it was Classie the Miniature Pinscher who stole the heart of judge Keke Kahn, who sent the diminutive champion into the fray for Best in Show.

The Cavalier, Pomeranian and Pekingese rounded out the top four in this group:

As pointed out by Kyle Shiely of The John Hines Show, the last time a Min Pin won Best in Group was way back in 1975:

Far too long, indeed, but no longer an issue. Min Pin for the win. 

After the toys came the non-sporting dogs—a group which encompasses a lot of variety. From American Eskimo Dogs to Poodles, from Bulldogs to Lhasa Apsos, this year's group produced some gems.

After all of them had been weighed and measured by judge Jacqueline Stacy, it was Ally the Standard Poodle that earned its spot in the Best in Show competition.

Coming in behind the poodle was the Tibetan Spaniel, the Miniature Poodle and the Dalmatian:

With three groups down, the herding dogs hit the stage at MSG. Full of some of the world's smartest and most persistent dogs, this group features many breeds which are found in homes throughout America.

As pointed out by Hudsonette, who was watching the action, these dogs were all business:

Though there were many worthy candidates, judge Walter Sommerfelt was impressed the most by Coco the Cardigan Welsh Corgi.

Coming in right behind the Corgi were the Puli, the German Shepherd and the Old English Sheepdog:

This was the final group of the night, and it set the stage for what's sure to be a fantastic second day at the 2014 Westminster Dog Show in New York. 

Coming up on Tuesday, judges will pick Best in Breed winners for the Sporting, Working and Terrier groups, concluding the evening with the Best in Group and finally the Best in Show competitions. 

If Monday's action was any indication, dog lovers are in for a treat. 


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