BCCI The Superpower: Its Greatness, Its Mistake, and Its Potential

Dann KhanAnalyst IJune 9, 2009

JAIPUR, INDIA - OCTOBER 15:  Sharad Pawar, the president of the BCCI, looks on prior to the match between India and England at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium on October 15, 2006, in Jaipur, India.  (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

I do not like the BCCI. My stance is very clear about this.

Overall, the board has become something to be scared of. It treats the ICC as it's subordinate. It has almost destroyed ICL and has managed to force so many of the players to come back to their system. And this move clearly shows how badly the BCCI has used it money and clout.

Other boards have complained about other issues where the BCCI became a dictator. But the problem is enough hasn't been spoken about it. But how can the other boards speak more, after all it is no secret that they are all somewhere dependent on this board. So they either obey, or they suffer and get out of cricket for ever.

But isn't there an a country called USA which is in the same position as the BCCI and at a much larger scale? All countries dependent on it for some reason or the other. The UN very much a subordinate of it. Also, isn't their a whole west which which has treated India and other Asian and African countries in a very similar way in the past?

In today's world, the West has a lot more power than the East in almost all the fields  including most of the sports. And we live with it. 

So, isn't there another way to look at the BCCI?

Can't it be looked at as a hero that managed to make India more powerful that the west in it's field? A hero that warned the world that Asian countries are equally capable of doing what the rest of the world can do?

So why do we have such a huge problem with the BCCI?

Why do we bid for a equal power share for all boards when we know that such a thing will never happen? And I am sure it will never happen because there is something called human nature according to which all humans look for power. So if it is not us, then it someone else. 

Can't we accept for a change accept an Asian dictatorship over the world?

I can. And I am very happy that it is there and will always be.

But yes, I do not like the BCCI. It is because it it not making use of it's power. It is just wasting it by showing it has power. BCCI has a chance to prove it's capable of doing better than the western dictatorships of the past and it's blowing it.

This board can set an example for the rest of Asia and show how to behave like a superpower. It can make the east feel that it can be better as a world leader than the west and therefore change the system. But if the present trend continues, then it doesn't make a difference as the message that the board will send across will basically be that things can't be improved so there is not point in changing them.