WWE Raw: Potential Spoilers, Rumors, News and Preview for Feb. 10

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterFebruary 10, 2014

In between vicious attacks and warriors reentering the ring, Betty White is going to make the Feb. 10 edition of WWE Raw her temporary home.

Randy Orton, The New Age Outlaws, Triple H and all the usual brutes and heroes WWE showcases will head to the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Calif. Buildup for the Elimination Chamber will continue, rivalries will increase in temperature and fans will welcome back at least one massive man.

Beloved comedian and Emmy award winner, White will guest host Monday's Raw.

In the ring, two former teammates go to battle and world champ Orton continues his series of bouts against his Elimination Chamber opponents, this time facing John Cena.


Injury Updates

Thanks to an eye injury, Cena didn't appear on Raw until the cameras were off, per WrestlingInc.com's Raj Giri. That injury won't prevent him from taking on Orton.

Cena addressed the issue on Twitter, promising to be in action at all come the weekend's shows.

Cody Rhodes appeared to join the list of banged-up Superstars when he mostly missed Road Dogg with a moonsault from the top of a steel cage. He hit far more of the mat than he was supposed to, and one had to wonder: How much of his pained reaction to the fall was acting, and how much of it was real?

Concern for him increased after Rhodes shared a photo of his knee in a brace.

However, don't expect him and his brother to miss out on Monday's action. In a Q&A on Twitter, Rhodes made it sound like he was already over the knee issue.

This looks to be a case of the usual aches and minor injuries that come with being a pro wrestler. Rhodes and Goldust still have a pair of tag team titles in their sights, sore knee or not.


A Giant's Return

Brock Lesnar broke steel chairs on Big Show's frame at the Royal Rumble. That attack has kept "The World's Largest Athlete" off TV, but it's likely that he's ready to start knocking folks out again.

According to PWInsider.com's Mike Johnson, "Big Show was back on the road this weekend. He was kept off the road for a few weeks to sell his beating at the hands of Brock Lesnar."

In addition to being worked back into the house show rotation, Big Show is scheduled to appear on Monday's Raw after having sufficient time away to make Lesnar's beating look serious. Lesnar is not on that list of announced wrestlers, so don't count on Big Show seeking payback just yet.

An indication of his direction for Elimination Chamber is more likely.

Big Show won't be the only immense wrestler to make his way back, though. "The World's Strongest Man" is set to join him.


Henry's Return, Batista's Opponent

Lesnar also took out Mark Henry during his recent wave of havoc.

Henry is not only coming back to Raw, but he is also set to be a major focus of the show. Who Henry chooses for his next target was one of the five items that Anthony Benigno of WWE.com highlighted in his preview.

Benigno writes, "Who's the first check-in to the reopened Hall of Pain?"

Like Big Show, Henry is without a current rival other than Lesnar and currently not booked for a match at Elimination Chamber. Fans will want to pay attention to who the powerhouse goes after, as it will likely set up the company's plans for him concerning the pay-per-view.

Aside from the usual suspects, Batista's name also appears as one of the Superstars advertised on the show.  

Look for him and Alberto Del Rio to intensify their rivalry. Per WWE.com's SmackDown preview by Alex Giannini, "At Elimination Chamber, No. 1 contender Batista will square off against Alberto Del Rio."

That announcement has been kept quiet, and that showdown isn't even on WWE.com's list of matches for the PPV. Perhaps, the company is waiting for Raw's bigger spotlight to begin the bout's hype in earnest.


Team Hell No, Daggers Drawn

Expect another collision between Daniel Bryan and Kane.

Kane seemed intent on interfering in Bryan's match against Orton last week, but Bryan quickly dropkicked him out of the picture. The Director of Operations responded by chokeslamming his former tag team partner.

Days later on SmackDown, Kane apologized only to attack Bryan once more after his match against Antonio Cesaro.

WWE is now hinting that this trend will continue. Benigno writes in his five-point preview, "Will Raw bring about another confrontation between the two? Safe to say, hugging it out won't fix their problems this time around."

That's a strong indication that the narrative of Kane clashing with Bryan will extend into Monday's Raw at least. Bryan hasn't had a chance to retaliate, and after taking two shots from "The Big Red Machine," it's likely Bryan's turn to swing.

How will The Authority's promise to consider Bryan as the next face of the company place into all of this?

His win against Orton was supposed to earn him him that consideration, but even WWE.com's Benigno is unsure if that will happen, asking, "Might the corporate power actually consider putting a beard on WWE's face?"

Behind the scenes, the company is considering two major options for him at WrestleMania XXX. F4WOnline, via WrestlingInc.com's Marc Middleton, reports the following:

WWE officials are discussing the idea of putting Daniel Bryan into the WWE World Heavyweight Title match with Batista and Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania XXX, making it a triple threat. Bryan vs. Triple H in a singles match is also still on the table. 

Even though officials have reportedly not made a decision, one can expect WWE to keep both match options open, so we may see Bryan clash with The Authority, as well as with Orton or Batista. The WWE title remains the carrot hanging in front of Bryan.

Fans who have followed Bryan's journey, his pitfalls and brief tastes of triumph know full well that nothingnot being the face of the company and being championwill come easy for him. Monday's Raw should offer more difficulties for the former WWE champ.

Should he find himself clutching his ribs after a confrontation with Kane or suffering The Authority's doublespeak, he can at least soothe himself by watching a former Golden Girl charm the audience.


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