Killing Two Birds With One Stone: Kofi and MVP

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Killing Two Birds With One Stone: Kofi and MVP

A couple weeks ago, I was watching the match between Kofi Kingston and Montel Vontanious Porter, and—by far—it was the best match on Raw in a long time. After Kofi Kingston won the match with a roll-up, I decided that the WWE was doing something they haven’t done in a long time, give two superstars a push in one match.

First giving Kofi another title run will help him on his sometimes-awful mic skills. Also, he will face better mid-card wrestlers than during his intercontinental title run. Instead of fighting opponents such as Paul Burchill and Santino Marella, he will be pitted against people like William Regal and Matt Hardy, who are better at putting over young superstars. He is an exciting young superstar that should be fun to watch.

For MVP, he should be pushed to the main-event scene against the like of Randy Orton and MVP. His first match against Orton on Raw was spectacular and left nothing to be desired.

I have been waiting for MVP to get a major push after his losing streak. I thought he was going to be stuck in the mid-card scene for a while when he took the belt from MVP, but Kofi took it from him.

I hope he is inserted into the WWE tile match next week on Raw.

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