Mosley Responds to FOTA: Sign Up Today To Shape F1

The Formula One TimesCorrespondent IJune 9, 2009

MONTE CARLO, MONACO - MAY 24:  FIA President Max Mosley is surrounded by the media as he arrives in the paddock before the Monaco Formula One Grand Prix at the Monte Carlo Circuit on May 24, 2009 in Monte Carlo, Monaco.  (Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images)

Max Mosley has responded to the eight FOTA teams, saying that they should enter for 2010 by tomorrow if they want to help shape the sport.

The response came in a letter to Ferrari, McLaren, BMW-Sauber, Red Bull, Toro Rosso, Renault, Toyota, and Brawn GP. Max claimed that they must drop the conditions which accompany their entries, and then they can start to discuss the 2010 rules—the cause of the current upset.

"Under the International Sporting Code, (Art. 66) we cannot now change the published 2010 rules unless we have the consent of all the competitors who have entered."

"However, once we have a list of confirmed entries, we can make changes provided we have the necessary unanimous agreement."

"You therefore have the option of participating in this process as a confirmed entrant, or not. In order to participate, you should now write to us confirming that your entry is unconditional."

"It is of course up to you, but the simplest way to ensure that all entrants run under the same rules would be if everyone entered under the cost-cap rules as published, and then all entrants cooperated to agree to modifications to those rules, which would make the proposition workable for all parties."

The FIA will publish a final list this Friday with the teams who have managed to secure a position for the 2010 championship. Williams and Force India, two teams currently competing who have entered under unconditional entries, are being suspended by FOTA.

"We plan to arrange a meeting with all the confirmed 2010 teams immediately after Jun. 12 in order to discuss the cost saving measures that have been proposed by the 2009 FOTA teams," he explained.

"We have already canvassed the views of some of the likely new entrants regarding the proposed measures, and the feedback is broadly positive so a solution should be relatively simple to achieve."

"To this end, if you do intend to enter, it would be helpful if you would let us have drafts of the precise rules you wish adopted, as much of the Enclosure three submitted by FOTA, on behalf of the 2009 teams, is currently in the form of minutes and statements of intent rather than the clear rules which you [and we] seek."

"We look forward to a positive response. It would be helpful to have this no later than close of business on Tuesday, June 9."

"As explained at both our recent meetings, the FIA is willing to enter into a Concorde Agreement dealing with all questions of governance and rule stability along the traditional lines first established in 1981," Mosley continued in his letter.

"The Agreement was renewed in 1998 to the satisfaction of all currently competing teams and renewed again in 2005 by us to the satisfaction of Ferrari and, we understand, by FOM to the satisfaction of a number of teams including Williams."

"We are ready to begin discussions immediately with a view to signing an agreement without delay. However, there is no possibility of this being concluded in advance of settling the 2010 entry list, a draft of several hundred pages having been produced at the last moment."

"Also, the FIA will need to know who to discuss the draft with. There will certainly be new teams in 2010, and it presently seems unlikely that all of the 2009 teams will participate in 2010. Obviously the draft should be discussed between those that will participate only."

The letter comes with some welcome news. 

Sign-up and we'll talk was the general gist, however it could also be a ploy to make sure FOTA submit unconditional entries, therefore meaning they have very little material to persuade the FIA to change the rules—the conditional entries being their current bargaining power

Source: The F1 Times