Will Edge Be Babyface Again? Guererro Quits—Who is the Champ?

brenton falknerContributor IJune 9, 2009

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 15:  World Heavyweight Champion Edge walks to the ring during WWE Smackdown at Acer Arena on June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)

Monday night Raw gone past was probably the best this year. But there are questions to be answered. Who is the WWE Champ?, Will Edge turn baby-face? and Who is the GM of Raw?.

Here are the candidates for WWE Champ

1. Batista - Even though he was absolutely belted to cinder by Legacy on raw after his Extreme Rules victory, he was announced to take on Randy Orton in a rematch later that night.

He was taken to hospital when this match was stipulated and did not return for the rest of the night. Even though Randy Orton took Batista's belt before he was put in an ambulance, is he still WWE Champion or will it be vacated?.

2. Randy Orton - He may have lost the title at Extreme Rules and managed to have a hold of it on Raw, He was announced to have a rematch later on raw. The match never occured but Randy Orton had the belt on his shoulder when he walked into the ring. So does that mean he is the WWE Champion?.

3. Triple H - Came out of an ambulance with a sledgehammer when the ref was doing a count out for the WWE Championship then he continued to start fighting with Randy Orton, claiming it to be a title match or just revenge from Backlash. This can't mean he is WWE Champion...does it?.

4. Anyone on the Raw Roster - To be perfectly honest if Batista is not out of hospital by next week or he has a good month to two month injury then anyone who has been on a good winning streak or is worthy as of lately can be a contender for this championship. Some of these names will be the following:

* Randy Orton                                              * Triple H

*John Cena                                                  * MVP

*The Miz                                                     *Big Show

*U.S Champ Kofi Kingston

There just names i've have thrown up so possibly at raw next week in the 3 For All special, is this what we could see?.

Now with Edge's surprising announcement of a divorce on Extreme Rules to Vickie Guerrero can this see Edge turning baby-face? I honestly don't know because if you think about it Vickie quit as GM of raw and now is getting divorced by Edge.

For Edge he lost his championship to Jeff Hardy (who later on lost it to CM Punk) and is getting a divorce, so really is this going to be a change for Edge and see a new Ultimate Opportunist? or will he try and cheat his way through another title match? Time Will Tell.

As For Raw GM. As excited as i am for Vickie Guerrero quitting, i am also concerned about the way that raw could be run and by whom. Here are some candidates that might work out:

1. Stephanie McMahon - If she returns she could make Randy Orton's life a living hell, but the bad side is you could see Triple H in more main events this year. But Besides that she makes some pretty awesome matches. Does this mean she is right for GM?.

2. Ric Flair - It seems if Naitch is going to be on raw to take down Randy Orton and Legacy then he being the GM would be perfect. I can see him giving every superstar a fair chance of title matches...well at least the ones who are contenders for the WWE Championship.

But there are also those other superstars wanting shots at other titles like the U.S CHampionship for instance. So can we see the nature boy be GM?.

3. Shane McMahon - Shane will give Randy living hell too. But for some reason doesnt make goood matches and also could give Triple H more main events. So besides that he is also a McMahon which could get him the top job. Is he the next GM?

4. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon - Vince could give himself the job if he wanted it. He seemed to over-rule Vickie's stipulation of a McMahon vs Legacy Match at Backlash and put Batista in there instead. As Chairman he is over-ruling everyone as it is anyway but you just don't know. So can the chairman be GM?

All of this is going to make much better sense at next week's Raw so remember to watch next week in the special three for all edition where the WWE, WHC, and ECW Championships will be contended.