The Return of the King of Kings: What It Could Mean for Raw

Alex BrooksCorrespondent IJune 9, 2009

The King of Kings has returned with a vengeance and beaten Randy Orton to a pulp at the same time. Triple H's return to wrestling was on the wake of Randy Orton's weak attempt to steal away the title from an injured Batista.

Triple H repeatedly hit Randy Orton with a chair after a vicious brawl outside the ring. Leaving the WWE title safely in the hands of Batista, Triple H will no doubt let his intentions be known. The King of Kings wants that title back.

After his brutal assault on Orton, many questions still remain about next week's apparent WWE title match in the "3 for all" Raw.

  • Will Batista be able to fight next week?

This situation is the most puzzling of them all. Batista is in fact injured, but the WWE worked his injury into the storyline even though he may not be able to wrestle until the Bash. It's very difficult to gauge what will happen in this part of the storyline because it's all based on how well Batista feels on a week to week basis.

  • Will Triple H insert himself into the WWE title match?

After his return, Triple H will definitely be involved with the title match, if not in the match himself. If Batista can't go, Triple H will probably be inserted into the match with Randy Orton.

If this happens there is a good chance of Orton coming away as WWE Champion once again. However, the Bash will likely be a triple threat between the three superstars. Triple H obviously hates Orton, but he will also blame Batista for costing him the title in April, when Batista was caught with a chair.

  • Can Randy Orton recover from the beatdown he was given?

Orton will undoubtedly recover from the physical thumping he received on Raw. Next week, Orton will come out with DiBiase and Rhodes and he will spout his mouth off about how he should be champion.

Orton will say that if Triple H wouldn't have attacked him, he would be holding the belt not Batista. He is the one constant in next week's title match. No matter who he faces, he will lose the match and blame it on the injuries he suffered this week.


This is only my view, please feel free to share your thoughts on the matter.