Medal Count 2014 Olympics: Results and Tally for Each Country After Day 1

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Day 1 of the 2014 Winter Olympics was an epic start to what is sure to be a fantastic spectacle from Sochi, Russia.

Norway jumped out to an early lead in the Games with two gold medals and four overall. Ole Einar Bjoerndalen and Marit Bjoergen dominated their respective events en route to top-podium finishes, while Canada and the Netherlands turned in strong performances to tie for second.

The United States grabbed a gold and a bronze, with the top prize belonging to Sage Kotsenburg.

Here is a look at the full medal count with Day 1 in the books, followed by an individual breakdown of each event:


Sochi Olympics Medal Count


Snowboard Men's Slopestyle

Men's Slopestyle Final Results
Place Name Country Score
1 Sage Kotsenburg USA 93.50
2 Staale Sandbech Norway 91.75
3 Mark McMorris Canada 88.75
4 Sven Thorgren Sweden 87.50
5 Maxence Parrot Canada 87.25
6 Jamie Nicholls Great Britain 85.50
7 Peetu Piiroinen Finland 81.25
8 Yuki Kadono Japan 75.75
9 Sebastien Toutant Canada 58.50
10 Billy Morgan Great Britain 39.75
11 Roope Tonteri Finland 39.00

The first gold medal of the Sochi Olympics went to the United States.

Despite the pre-event favorites being Canadians Max Parrot, Mark McMorris and Sebastien Toutant after Shaun White's decision to drop out, it was Sage Kotsenburg who rose above the rest of the field to bring home the hardware.

Kotsenburg posted a stellar 93.50 mark after a fantastic run, and he was followed by Staale Sandbech (91.75) and the aforementioned Morris (88.75) on the podium, as Kate Pettersen of CBC captures:

The Americans now have a major advantage going into the halfpipe event, as White has won the last two gold medals. The rivalry between the Americans and Canadians may prove to be a lopsided one if the start to the action in Sochi is any indication.


Ladies' Skiathlon 7.5-Kilometer Classic and 7.5-Kilometer Free

2014 Ladies' Skiathlon 7.5 km Classic + 7.5 km Free Results
Place Competitor (Country) Classic (Rank) Pit (Rank) Free (Rank) Total Time (Min./Sec.) Behind
1 Marit Bjoergen (Norway) 19:10.6 (1) 35.1 (T-26) 18:47.1 (1) 38:33.6
2 Charlotte Kalla (Sweden) 19:11.6 (3) 33.5 (4) 18:50.3 (2) 38:35.4 +1.8
3 Heidi Weng (Norway) 19:12.0 (4) 33.7 (T-5) 19:01.1 (4) 38:46.8 +13.2
4 Therese Johaug (Norway) 19:11.5 (2) 35.7 (T-31) 19:01.0 (3) 38:48.2 +14.6
5 Aino-Kaisa Saarinen (Finland) 19:12.4 (5) 34.2 (9) 19:02.3 (5) 38:48.9 +15.3
6 Justyna Kowalczyk (Poland) 19:12.9 (6) 39.6 (53) 19:37.2 (10) 39:29.7 +56.1
7 Kerttu Niskanen (Finland) 19:17.4 (7) 32.0 (1) 19:45.9 (14) 39:35.3 +1:01.7
8 Jessie Diggins (USA) 20:01.7 (27) 34.3 (T-10) 19:29.5 (8) 40:05.5 +1:31.9
9 Emma Wiken (Sweden) 19:48.5 (14) 33.8 (7) 19:44.9 (13) 40:07.2 +1:33.6
10 Masako Ishida (Japan) 19:24.4 (8) 34.3 (T-10) 20:09.6 (27) 40:08.3 +1:34.7

Thanks to a strong showing from three athletes, Norway stole the show at the Ladies' Skiathlon to help kick off the Sochi medal race.

Marit Bjoergen stole the show with her 38:33.6 final time but was followed closely by fellow Norwegian Heidi Weng, who came in third place with a total time of 38:46.8.

In turn, Weng hardly slipped by for bronze with her fellow Norway ally Therese Johaug close on her heels to finish fourth—and 1.4 seconds behind what would have been a bronze medal.

As expected, it was an emotional day for the Norwegian team, as Mattias Karen of the Associated Press details:

Bjoergen's win was rather predictable after her five total medals in the Vancouver Games, a number she may be able to surpass on her current pace, as Nick Zaccardi of illustrates:

Jessie Diggins was the top American representative and finished in eighth place thanks to a tremendous performance after the pit stop.


Men's 5,000-Meter Speedskating

2014 Winter Olympics Men's 5000 m Speedskating
Rank Pair Competitor (Country) Time (Min./Sec.) Behind
1 10 Sven Kramer (Netherlands) 6:10.76
2 12 Jan Blokhuijsen (Netherlands) 6:15.71 +4.95
3 11 Jorrit Bergsma (Netherlands) 6:16.66 +5.90
4 12 Bart Swings (Belgium) 6:17.79 +7.03
5 11 Sverre Lunde Pedersen (Norway) 6:18.84 +8.08
6 7 Denis Yuskov (Russia) 6:19.51 +8.75
7 8 Ivan Skobrev (Russia) 6:19.83 +9.07
8 13 Patrick Beckert (Germany) 6:21.18 +10.42
9 6 Havard Bokko (Norway) 6:22.83 +12.07
10 6 Moritz Geisreiter (Germany) 6:24.79 +14.03

It was a clean sweep for the Netherlands at Adler Arena Skating Center in the men's 5000-meter event as Sven Kramer led the way for the all-Dutch podium.

The result was not exactly a shock, as Kramer won the gold at the event in Vancouver, too. Perhaps more importantly, his total time of 6:10.76 set an Olympic record, as Jared S. Hopkins of the Chicago Tribune explains:

Jan Blokhuijsen (6:15.71) and Jorrit Bergsma (6:16.66) rounded out the podium for the silver and bronze, respectively.

America's best shot to medal was Jonathan Kuck, who was blown away by his running mate Kramer. He finished 19th.

Looking ahead, one can easily see Kramer, who was simply a class above the rest on Saturday, win all three gold medals with two more events to go.


Men's 10-Kilometer Sprint

2014 Winter Olympics Men's 10km Sprint Results
Rank Name Start Time Shooting Total Penalties Time Behind
1 Ole Einar Bjoerndalen (Norway) 18:42:00 0+1 1 24:33.5 0.0
2 Dominik Landertinger (Austria) 18:37:30 0+0 0 24:34.8 +1.3
3 Jaroslav Soukup (Czech Republic) 18:50:00 0+0 0 24:39.2 +5.7
4 Anton Shipulin (Russia) 18:54:00 0+1 1 24:39.9 +6.4
5 Jean-Philippe Le Guellec (Canada) 19:02:30 0+0 0 24:43.2 +9.7
6 Martin Fourcade (France) 18:49:30 1+0 1 24:45.9 +12.4
7 Simon Eder (Austria) 18:45:00 0+0 0 24:47.2 +13.7
8 Ondrej Moravec (Czech Republic) 18:33:00 0+0 0 24:48.1 +14.6
9 Emil Hegle Svendsen (Norway) 18:44:30 0+1 1 25:02.8 +29.3
10 Jakov Fak (Slovenia) 19:06:00 0+0 0 25:06.5 +33.0

At the crisp age of 40, Ole Einar Bjoerndalen was simply faster on the skis and more accurate with a rifle than the rest of the competition as he won his record-tying 12th Winter Olympic medal and gold No. 7, as the Australian Olympic Committee illustrates:

Bjoerndalen shot just one penalty and still saw his total time of 24:33.5 best the field.

Austria's Dominik Landertinger grabbed the silver with a 24:34.8 mark, while the Czech Republic's Jaroslav Soukup was able to outlast the competition thanks to an error-free run with his rifle and a 24:39.2 total.

This particular biathlon event remains the lone Winter Olympic sport in which the United States has never won a medal, as Tim Burke ended the day in 19th place.


Women's Moguls

2014 Winter Olympics - Women's Moguls Finals Results
Rank Start Order Country Name Score
1 4 CAN Justine Dufour-Lapointe22.44
2 5 CAN Chloe Dufour-Lapointe21.66
3 6 USA Hannah Kearney21.49
4 1 JPN Aiko Uemura20.66
5 3 AUS Britteny Cox19.43
6 2 USA Eliza Outtrim19.37

It was the Dufour-Lapointe show in the women's Moguls event to conclude Day 1 of the Winter Games.

Canada's Justine Dufour-Lapointe took home the top prize thanks to a sound 22.44 score, while her sister, Chloe, was not far behind with a total score of 21.66.

Hannah Kearney of the United States had a rather disappointing overall performance and finished in third to round out the podium with a bronze medal. She was arguably the favorite as the defending champion and top-ranked woman in the world.


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