B/R Turns into the WWE: Extreme Rules

Svyato Rovenchuk@TorontosClassicSenior Writer IJune 9, 2009

Welcome to the series B/R Turns Into The WWE. Tonight we will go extreme as the occasion is that it's Extreme Rules.

It's time for the public to witness an amazing event. I would also like to inform you all that Raw will once again be on Wednesday. It might even be officially move to that day. But enough about that; here is your PPV.

Extreme Rules

(Jeff) Welcome to Extreme Rules, everyone!

(C. #2) You are in for an amazing night because every match will be extreme.

(Jeff) And we will start with the ECW Championship match.

(C. #2) Now let's hand it over to the ECW announcers.

(Tony) Ladies and Gentleman, this is ECW and I am Tony Danger with my buddy Jax. It is unfortunate to hear about our GM, Celeste Winchester. We hope she has a speedy recovery.

(Jax) Yes TD we can't wait to have her back. But I want to know who the next GM tryout will be. We saw Extremist Kash tryout last week and I don't think he did that bad. But back to business we go.

(Tony) Correct. We start ECW with the Ladder Match for the ECW title. Mike Scanlon will meet Tony Arnoldine! Lets take it to our ring announcer.

(RA)Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the Ladder match for the ECW title. Introducing first, from NYC. Weighing in at 269 pounds, The ECW Champion, Mike Scanlon! Mike comes out to "Bullet With A Name On It" by Nonpoint.

(Jax) It looks like the fans are not into their ECW champion, Tony. Mike gets some boos. And his opponent, from Cortland, N.Y., weighing in at 226 pounds, Tony Arnoldine! He comes out to ECW's Theme He gets a few cheers, not a lot.

(TD) Not a lot of reaction from the fans. But we will see if the ex-champion can retain his title in this ladder match.

Before the match starts, Tony grabs a ladder and bolts to the ring. Before he can even make it to the ring, Scanlon baseball slides the side of the ladder that was heading into the ring right into Tony's face. Tony looks up and he is busted open.

Mike then heads outside and throws Tony into the crowd. He runs Tony's shoulder into the barricade, then runs his foot right in the injured shoulder. Mike puts his hands out for a fan approval, but instead he gets a beer in the face.

Distracted by the fan, Tony catches Mike with a low blow. Tony then whips Mike in the barricade. He runs after him and Mike hits Tony with the belly to belly suplex right on the mat. Mike takes a breather and then grabs a trash can lid after he gets over the barricade.

He nails Tony right in the head with it, and the blood continues to pour. "WHAT NOW," screams Mike as he heads to the aisle way for a ladder.

As he grabs the ladder, he notices that Tony his making is way up, so he sets the ladder in a ramp-way like position in the middle of the top rope, and bum rushes Tony with a clothesline.

He picks him up and then runs him into the steel steps. At first, Mike is thinking about going to the ladder, but he leaves it, and decides to work on Tony. Hurting bad, Tony is using the steps to bring himself back up.

Seeing this, Mike rams Tony face first into the the steps. Then he takes his shoulder and rams it into Tony's back right into the steps. Tony screams in agony, but Mike does not stop until Tony is on the floor.

Mike then gets another ladder from under the ring. He throws it in the ring and sets it up. Before he climbs, he gets on the top rope and teases the fans as he points to Tony laughing.

He then attempts to climb the ladder, but he stumbles and falls. The fans laugh at him. He screams shut up and tries again. Tony somehow crawls in the ring. He goes to the opposite side of the ladder where Mike isn't climbing, and instead of climbing the ladder, he pulls it towards him.

The ladder tips and Mike does a Somersault and lands on his back onto the ladder he positioned earlier. The ladder doesn't budge. "OUCH!" yells the fans. The fans began to chant Tony as he attempts to climb, but his body is too weak. He decides to give it up and work on Mike.

In control, Tony springboards onto Mike. After the springboard, he is favoring his shoulder, but still manages to get up. He goes and grabs the second ladder from the aisle way and drags it with his good arm down the ramp.

He turns around to use both hands, and Mike immediately rams Tony's gut right into the top of the ladder. Mike picks Tony up, but Tony counters with some right hands. Tony and Mike are going back and forth with left and rights, and then Tony kicks Mike in the stomach.

He then puts Mike in his finishing submission, the Dragon Sleeper. Mike has no where to go. He inches his feet over to the barricade, and reverses the sleeper by backflipping onto Tony and countering with a reverse DDT. Both men are down. The ref attends to both of them, making sure they are able to continue.

They both try to make it their feet, but Tony collapses and Mike has no idea where he is. Coming to his senses, Scanlon runs back to the ring and gets a steel chair. Walking back to Tony, he begins to stalk him waiting for him to get to his feet. Mike then cocks the chair back and Tony grabs it.

Both men are fighting for the chair and Mike kicks Tony right in the nads. Mike then Gorilla Presses Tony stomach first onto the ladder. Laying face first on the ladder, Tony seems done for.

Mike jumps onto the barricade and connects with a leg drop right on Tony's head. He then puts his bad arm in between the ladder and drops it right on Tony's shoulder. He repeats it a couple more times, and then picks him up.

He hoists Tony up on his shoulders, and then drops Tony on both of his knees for his finisher, The Scanlon Canyon. Mike then goes further up the ramp to get the 3rd ladder. He has a hard time dragging it to the ring, but he gets it there.

He puts it up into the and sets up. He begins to climb the ladder, as Tony is crawling to the ring. Finally at the edge of the rampway, Tony is up, but groggy. Mike has his hand on the top of the ladder.

Tony then uses all his energy and runs up the ladder Shelton Benjamin like. Mike scouts this and climbs down the ladder just in time for Tony to miss a high cross body and land on the mat.

He is favoring his shoulder and climbs out the ring. The fans are booing now as Mike makes his way back to the top, and snatches the belt from the hook.

(RA) Your winner and still the ECW champion, Michael Scanlon.

(TD) Scanlon is still the champ as the EMT's assist Tony out of the arena. This might be the last we see of Tony Arnoldine.

(Jax) Can Mike Scanlon be stopped? (Jeff) Welcome back to Extreme Rules, everyone. Coming up next is a match that neither of these men wants to lose because if you do, you can kiss your career goodbye. It's Connor Green vs. Name removed by request where the loser is booted from the business. And it's a Falls Count Anywhere match.

(RA) The following is a Falls Count Anywhere match where the loser will be banned from the WWE FOREVER!

(Connor Green enters to "Remember My Name")

(Jeff) Connor is here with a mission and that is to get rid of the man called Ray Bogusz.

(Name removed by request makes his way down)

(C. #2) But there is the man that will hope to make that mission a fail, Name removed by request.

Bell sounds match begins. Connor charges at Ray right away and gets the takedown. He covers, 1, Ray kicks out. Connor now takes Ray and throws him outside the ring. He slides out as well.

When he arrives there Ray gives him a nasty kick to the jaw. He covers, 1, 2, Connor kicks out. Ray lifts him and throws him right onto the steel steps. Now he takes the top part of the steps off and he puts Connor there.

Now he takes the steps and smashes them right onto Connor's rib cage. He covers, 1, 2, Connor rolls the shoulder. Now Ray lifts him up, but Connor gives Ray an Eye Grouge.

Now he takes him and throws him into the fan area. He climbs over the safety wall(or security whatever you want to call it). Connor now pounding away at Ray. The referee also leaving ringside to follow them.

Now he takes Ray and throws him against the steps there. He covers, 1, 2, Ray kicks out. Now Ray keeps and punching and kicking him until they make it backstage. Connor now lifts him and throws him right on top of a box of some sort.

Now Connor takes him and throws him into a truck. Connor quickly pins, 1, 2, Ray finds the strength to roll the shoulder. Connor now choking Ray down to the ground. Connor now looking for a chair. He finds one. 

Now as he walks up to Ray he gets kicked right in the shin by him. Ray gets up and grabs the chair. He attempts to hit Connor, but he sliders away like the snake he is.

Connor now on his feet running for his life as he is chased by an angry Ray Bogusz (also followed by a referee). It eventually ends when Connor Green trips Ray with his head going right into the steps.

Connor now takes Ray damaged body and places it on the announce table. Now he pulls out a ladder from under the ring and climbs it to the top.

Now he takes a HUGE risk as he jumps off it. It pays off though as he hits Name removed by request perfectly. The announcer table breaks as Connor lands on Ray. Here's the cover, 1, 2, 3. Done!

(RA) Here is your winner, Connor Green!

(Jeff) Noooooooo! Ray, why?

(Connor leaves as Ray still lies on the table, he eventually gets up an grabs a mic)

(Ray) Well, it’s been great here in the WWE, but now I have to say my good bye.

(Fans are begging for Ray not to go)

(Ray)  I thank all of you for being here with me and supporting me on my journey, but now the journey is over.

(Ray drops the mic and walks down the ramp for the last time) 

(RA) This four team, tornado tag team championship match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, the team of Jared Farver and Demetrus Stokes!

(Farver and Stokes come out to a pretty big ovation)

(RA) Introducing next, the tag team of Daris Brown and Blue Chip.

(They come out to a series of boos as Daris is talking to Chip about the match)

(RA) The next team Adrian and....

(Adrian's music hits as he walks out with a mic. A lot of heat)

(Adrian) Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my partner for this tag team championship strap and my future co-champion, Chris Brown!

(Browne's music hits as he and Adrian walk down to a lot of heat)

(RA) Lastly, the champions. The tag team of Ste Eccles and Jason Savage!

(Huge ovation for them. The ref holds up the straps as these eight men are ready to fight. The bell rings and we are under way)

The match starts as stars are scattered throughout the ring as if this were an eight man battle royal. Though the only teams working cohesively are Chip and Daris and the tag team champs.

Savage and Eccles are working on Adrian in the turnbuckle as on the other side of the ring, Blue Chip and Daris hit a doble clothesline that sends Demetrus Stokes on the outside of the ring.

Then Chip his a seated senton on the outside of the ring that connects to Farver as both men fall to the mat.

Now inside the ring, Adrian and Chris are being manhandled by the tag team champs as Daris Brown exits the ring and helps Blue Chip up. Jason just nailed a neckbreaker to Adrian and then he tosses him out of the ring.

Now Ste is in control as he is holding Brown in a full nelson as Savage is watching. Ste is in complete control until Chris hits Ste with a low blow kick. Eccles goes down hard and Savage goes to hit an axe kick to Chris, but he reverses with another low blow. The tag champs are down.

At the same time, Adrian is brawling with Blue Chip and Daris Brown as Farver is still recovering from the seated senton from the apron. Chip instructs Daris to lift Adrian in a powerbomb position, but Daris starts yelling at Chip.

He is sa\ying, "I'm in charge. I'm the leader!" at Chip. By this time they have a small argument only to let Adrian scurry into the ring. Daris and Chip set things straight as Demetrus Stokes comes from under the ring with the ring bell and tries to hit Daris, but Chip takes the hit. Chip is now bleeding on the outside as Daris starts brawling with Stokes.

Jared Farver finally gets up and tosses himself in the ring where Adrian and Brown are dominating the tag champs. Farver then goes to the top rope while all four men are distracted in the ring and Farver nails a missile dropkick that knocks down Chris Brown.

He goes for the pinfall but only gets a one count after Adrian breaks it. Meanwhile, Daris just connected his new finisher, the HTR (inverted piledriver) on to Stokes. Stokes is down as Daris runs back in the ring with the other men.

Daris quickly hits both Adrian and Chris with a lariat that knocks both men on the outside. Farver, taking a big risk, jumps from the top rope with a sick looking corkscrew knocks down Stokes, Adrian, and Chris leaving all the men on the outside of the ring looking hurt. Also Adrian is now bleeding on his chest.

Back in the ring is Daris, Chip, Jason, and Ste. Chip quickly goes for a lariat to Ste, but gets tossed to the turnbuckle. Also Daris exposed a turnbuckle on the other side of the ring.

Daris tries to toss Savage into it, but Savage reverses by tossing Daris into the exposed turnbuckle. He is now bleeding as well. Chris now is holding Chip in a powerbomb position as Savage goes to the top rope.

They connect with the Doomsday Device like move as Savage goes for the pin. Savage and Eccless get the pin and retain the titles.

(RA) Here are your winners and still the Unified Tag Team Champions, Savage and Eccles!

(Huge ovation as they walk out of the arena)

(RA) The following match is scheduled for one fall! And it is for the Hardcore Title. Tear Away hits the speakers and the lights are dim. Introducing first, weighing in at 300 pounds, The Hardcore Champion, Anonymous Guy!

The lights come back on and waiting on the heap of dirt is Triple D. He leaps off of the heap and connects with a diving huracanrana on Anon. He then connects with strong right hands to Anon.

He sprints to the ring and grabs a long stick candle lighter. The fans go nuts. Anon, however, is up. Triple D is running toward Anon. With the wind he is catching, the lighter wont stay lit.

Anon delivers with a boot right to the jaw. Anon then chokes Triple D until his body is down on the ground. He then drags Dan down to the heap of dirt. He lifts him up and with ease and walks onto the dirtheap.

Triple D counters into a sunsetflip and powerbombs Anon right on the stage. What Power! Holy Shit! Anon is favoring the back of his head as Daniel goes back to get the candle lighter. Then Sting comes out.

(Dan) Interfere, I dare you. Good luck on free agency! I just want to see you light this creep on fire.

Sting shoots back. Rashad then comes out and pushes Sting into Triple D and knocks the lighter out of his hands. Infuriated, Sting attacks Rashad until the two are out of site. Anon is making his way to his feet. Triple D runs after him and gets caught with a powerslam. Anon brushes his hair back, fixing his mask.

Anon then picks up the lighter, and his heading the the heap. He tosses the lighter next to the shovel. He then goes back to Triple D and choke-throws him into the barricade. He puts him back on his shoulder as they go to the opposite side of the entrance way. Anon drops Triple D with a shoulderbreaker.

He picks up a fire extinguisher and hits Daniel with it all over his head and neck until he is back down. He then puts him on a table. He climbs into the crowd until he makes it to the lower level barricade.

He leaps off of the barricade and swan dives onto the Daniels body. Both men are out. Anon then raises up. He drags Daniels body back to the dirt heap.

Sting cuts him off and nails him with the Hardcore title. He has a ref. The ref counts the 3 and Sting is the new champion! The fans boo!

(Jax) He might be fired, but he is the Hardcore champion! Since his accidental interference, Sting decided to finish what he started. Uh Oh! Anon is back up and chokeslams Sting onto the stage. He picks up and tosses him into the stage.

Triple D is coming to, and he climbs the heap to catch a breather. Sting is down. Anon chokes him out and pins him to retain his title.

(TD) This match is not over, Jax. Someone needs to be buried. Anon then climbs the heap to get to Sumrall. Daniel starts to punch Anon, but he is unphased. Daniel swings on Anon and Anon twists his wrist.

Cowering down, Daniel pokes Anon with his free hand. Daniel gets a running start, but Anon back elbows him and he is down. Anon opens the casket. He takes the lighter and the inside of the casket is on fire.

Anon then looks back at Dan. Dan is stumbling a little bit. Anon picks him up and performs his finisher, The Crucifix Powerbomb, and drops him right into the flaming the casket.

The impact of the move put the flames out. Anon shuts it and walks over to the bulldozer and dumps the dirt on Triple D.

(RA) Your winner, and still Hardcore Champion, Anonymous Guy!

(Jax) Wow. Talk about Extreme. We might not see Triple D or Sting for a while.

(TD) Anon is still hardcore champion and the fans are on their feet! This is TD and for Jax, ECW is signing off. Enjoy the rest of Extreme Rules!

(RA) This six man tables, ladders, and chairs match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Andrea Claire, Strictly Business!

Jay Rob, U.S. Champion Dan Telek, and Cruiserweight Champion Tim List walk out to a huge ovation. Andrea is accompanying them and looks pretty nervous.

(RA) Ad their opponents, the team known as Downfall.

Sterling Eby and Dozer walk to the ring along with Christi Lott. Sterling is holding a microphone.

(Eby) You fans obviously must see that Dozer and I lack a partner after a certain coward had taken out Dub Sizzle a few weeks ago. Therefore as I promised on Smackdown, we would shock you idiotic fans with a little surprise.

Before I introduce my partner, we would like to wish Strictly Business some luck tonight. Because after the match, I will be wishing you the speediest recovery from the concussions you have suffered from your match with us tonight. Let me introduce the newest member of Downfall, marc!

marc comes out riding a motorcycle to the ring. It has flames and sadistic looking faces all over the bike. He rides down as Dozer and Eby follow.

Tables, ladders, and chairs are set outside the ring as we are under way.

The match starts as Jay quickly goes after Sterling by connecting a hurricarana that quickly knocks Eby down. Also Dozer goes after List by hitting him out of the ring with a lariat. Now Dozer and List are going back and forth on the outside of the ring amongst the weapons.

marc is just leaning back in one of the corner turnbuckles until Dan Telek looks him in the eyes. marc quickly looks at Telek and walks up to him. They are exchanging words until marc slaps Telek. Then they start brawling in the ring.

Also in the ring, Jay Rob throws Eby into the turnbuckle and goes for the ten punches. He hits Eby eight consecutive times until Eby throws him down and Jay hits the mat hard.

Eby is now in control as he hits Jay with a series of leg drops and goes outside the ring to get a weapon. Eby grabs a steel chair and brings it in the ring.

Meanwhile, Dozer is dominating List until List is able to toss Dozer into the barricade. List is now fighting Dozer among the fans. Back and forth as fans are supplying them with objects. One man gave List a camcorder and he smashed it on Dozer's head. Dozer is now bleeding and falls on to the staircase as the fans are going insane.

As for marc and Telek, they are beating the hell out of each other outside of the ring. marc connects a nasty bulldog to Telek that makes Telek crash face first to the steel staircase. Telek's skull is now gushing with blood.

Back in the ring, we have Sterling Eby hitting Jay with some punches to the face (Did you know punches are vintage Eby? He originated the punch like Flair created a lariat. Thanks for clearing it up Michael Cole.)

Eby now picks up his steel chair and starts hitting Jay with it for consecutive times until Andrea Claire gets on the apron demanding Eby to stop. This distracts Eby until Lott attempts to hit Claire with the United States Championship, but Claire hits a crossbody to Claire before it can connect.

Both women are fighting on the outside. Eby now picks up Jay and they go back and forth until Jay manages to dropkick Eby and knock him outside of the ring.

We are back to List and Dozer are still fighting in the stands. List is in complete control as he grabs a fan's beer and pours it all over Dozer. He then picks up Dozer and they are coming back into the ring as List tosses Dozer back over the barricade.

When he goes to pick up Dozer, marc who tosses Telek into the commentary booth, goes and double teams List after Dozer gets up. Both men are beating on List until Dozer picks up List on his shoulders nearly spilits him in half by tossing him into the barracde and breaking it.

List is down and when the two members of Downfall turn around, they are hit with a ladder courtesy of Dan Telek. Telek then tosses the ladder into the ring as he follows. Eby is back in the ring as well as he and Jay are still going back and forth.

Telek and Jay take the ladder and run towards Eby, but Eby hits the ladder with a dropkick, resulting in the ladder knocking both members of SB down.

Eby goes for the pin on Jay, but only gets a one count. He looks pissed and goes for a pin on Telek, but it is unsuccessful. Eby is fuming with rage.

On the outside of the ring, the other members of Downfall are down as Lott and Claire are still fighting on the outside. Lott is in complete control until Claire hits her with a Russian leg sweep.

While Lott is down, Claire takes the safety pad off of the ground and picks Lott up for a suplex. Lott reverses and hits one of her own so Claire crashes into the mat and looks to be in very bad pain.

Jay is freaking out in the ring as Telek and Eby are going back and forth.  Jay leaves the ring to aid Claire.

Telek then kicks Eby and goes for the Supernova, but Eby reverses and hits a spear. He goes for the pin, but only gets a two count. Eby then connects the Edgecution to get the three count.

Outside of the ring, Jay is aiding Claire and does not care about the loss. All of the sudden, there is a luminous glow throughout the arena. Red Death's voice is heard, but only his maniacal laughter.

The lights go out as Jay is hugging Claire promising not to let her go. The lights come back with Death right in front of Jay and Andrea. Telek sees this and tries to aid her, but Eby holds him down.

The rest of Downfall enter the ring and start taking out Telek and List. Death is glaring at Claire as Jay stands up and gets in Death's face. He then hits Masque and they start brawling on the outside.

Claire scurries to the commentary booth to hide as Jay and Masque take it to the ring to fight. When Masque enters the ring, he takes out all members of Downfall and Strictly Business.

Masque then attempts a big boot to Jay, but Jay dodges it and strikes Masque with his fist. Masque is down as Josh Swell runs to the ring with some gasoline and some matches.

Swell is telling Jay to get a table and he does. Masque is getting up, but Swell knocks him down with a series of kicks. Jay sets up the table and Swell puts Masque on the table. Swell then demands for a ladder and Jay picks up the one previously used in the ring and sets it up. Jay climbs the ladder as Swell holds Masque on the table.

As Jay climbs up, the lights go out just as Jay starts pouring gasoline on to Masque. During the black out, several screams are heard and the table has just been set on fire. When the lights come back on, Jay without recognizing it is Swell, jumps off the ladder with a 360 corkscrew (Strictly Business Splash) and nailed Swell through the table.

Both men are lying on the mat as Masque is on the outside of the ring right next to Andrea. Andrea shrieks and tries to scurry away, but Masque grabs her on his shoulder and the lights go out. When they come back, Masque and Andrea are gone and medics come to attend Swell, Jay, Downfall, and the rest of Strictly Business.(Jeff) Welcome back to Extreme Rules everyone. Coming up next is a match that will blow your mind.

(C. #2) It's Ryan Michael vs. Sulayman. It's a match the world wants to see!

(Jeff) These are two of the fastest rising stars here in the WWE, and they are set to do battle.

(Sulayman enters with a mic and the rest of the Uprising with him)

(Sulayman) The people seem to think that the Raw championship is worthless, as the inaugural champion it's my responsibility to raise the prestige of the title and I will do that at your expense, Ryan.

The wrestlers backstage can say what they want, they're not here for Hamburglar vs. Jason Le Blank, they're here for the real main event of Raw."

"Where's the honor of holding the WHC if you have a douchebag like Burgett holding it? I saw that smug look in your face when you handed me the title, Joe. Let me assure you that your fears are about to become true.

When I'm done wrestling Ryan tonight, the entire locker room will witness my uprising will not be silenced and I will bring more prestige to this Raw championship than all other titles combined.

I will make you say the words I Quit, if I have to tear down the house and have the best damn match of the night, I will.

(Ryan Michael enters with the dreams of winning the title)

Match starts. Ryan quickly delivers a low drop kick. He locks in the Sharpshooter.

(RA) Do you wanna say "I quit" Sulayman?

(Sulay) NO!!!

Ryan breaks the hold. He slips out of the ring. He grabs a chair. He puts Sulayman's arm in between the top of the chair. He keeps holding it like that.

(RA) Do you wanna say "I Quit" now?

(Sulay) No.

Ryan once again gives that up. Then he just stands there thinking what to do. He turns around only to get DDTed. Sulayman now goes to the top rope. He jumps off hitting a diving uppercut to Ryan.

(RA) Ryan, do you wanna quit?

(Ryan) No!

Sulayman steps outside the ring gets a chair. He puts it to the throat of Ryan and pushes down with his foot. This can literally kill Ryan! He can get to the point where he desperately needs to breathe, but he can't so he will have to say I quit or pay the consequences.

(RA) What do you say?

(Ryan) NO!

Sulayman keeps the hold until he sees that it isn't working so he kicks the chair away. Sulayman lifts Ryan up, but Ryan gets the upper hand by dropkicking Sulay. He goes to the top rope and hits the moonsault.

(RA) Sulayman?

(Sulayman) NEVER!

Ryan lifts him up and sets up for the Hell Raiser when he sees Ben Sampson and Giorgi Dolidze running to the ring to help their leader. Ryan breaks the set up and tackles Giorgi as he comes in the ring. Now he turns around and gives Ben a dropkick. He takes Ben and throws him out.

When he turns around Ben gives him some shots to the head until Ryan starts fighting back and he fits a face crusher. When he turns around Sulayman was already waiting for him with two tables behind him.

Sulayman takes Ryan and suplexes him onto one of the two tables behind him. Now he takes Ryan and places him on top of the other table. He gets the rope the was on the ring post and he ties Ryan to the table. Now he calls Giorgi back into the ring. Giorgi gives Sulayman a lighter. Sulayman activates the lighter.

(Ryan) Are you crazy, Sulay?

(Sulayman just stands there with an evil look on his face)

(Ryan) Ok! Ok! I Quit!

Bell sounds as the match ends. Sulayman turns the lighter off and throws it to the side.

(RA) Here is your winner and still WWE Raw Champion, Sulayman.

(Jeff) Well, Sulayman built a devastating plot here against Ryan, and in the end, it paid off as Ryan said the words that gave Sulayman the victory.

(C. #2) Sulayman was out of his mind!

(Jeff) I gotta agree with you there! 

(RA) This contest is a 45-minute Iron Man match. The man who has the most pinfalls or submissions on his opponent wins the match. Introducing first, the challenger, he is "The Hitman," Kevin Canny!

Canny's music hits as he walks to the ring looking cocky as the fans are booing him.

(RA) And his opponents, the WWE Champion, A...k....D!

AkD's theme hits as a huge ovation is given to him. AkD ignores all the fans as he is only focused on Kevin Canny.

Both men are in the ring as a countdown clock is on the titantron. The referee holds up the gold as the bell rings as Smackdown's main event is under way.

We start with AkD and Canny in an instant staredown. They are so close that their noses are touching as they only stare at each other.

Canny then turns his back to AkD, but when he turns back around, AkD hits an instant Paydirt to Canny. He goes for the pinfall, but only gets a two count. 43:55 is on the clock.

AkD then holds Canny who is still prone on the mat with an armbar submission. Canny is screaming in pain, but quickly reaches the ropes so AkD is forced to break the hold. AkD quickly gets up as Kevin is trying to recuperate.

As Canny gets up, AkD hits a spinning wheel kick to Canny which knocks him down. He goes for the pinfall, but only gets a two count. AkD looks frustrated, so he picks up Kevin to hit a T-Bone Suplex, but Canny reverses with a suplex of his own. AkD falls face first to the mat.

Canny then attempts to lock AkD in a Sharpshooter and does. AkD is now in serious pain as he attempts to reach the ropes, but just before he touches the ropes, Canny pulls him back into the center of the ring. AkD is in serious pain, but manages to turn himself around and kick Canny down to the mat.

35:59 is on the clock right now as both men are down for a short time until Canny gets up and heads for the top turnbuckle. AkD who is playing possum, gets up and leaps to the top turnbuckle.

Both men are exchanging punches on the top rope until AkD hits a Superplex. They both fall down hard, but AkD crawls to Canny for the pinfall. Two count again as AkD looks very angry with the ref.

Fans are going crazy during the match. AkD then goes to the top rope, but this time, Canny is playing possum and as soon as AkD goes to the top rope, Canny runs to the turnbuckle (Does not jump on it) and hits an electric chair as AkD looks to be in serious pain. Kevin goes for the pinfall and gets a three count. The time is 29:07

Canny: 1

AkD: 0

AkD slowly gets up, but Canny hits him with a kick to the midsection. He then hold AkD in the inverted position, but AkD somehow flips Canny, so AkD is now holding Canny in the powerbomb position. AkD connects with Canny's signature move and gets the three count.


AkD: 1

Canny is still down on the mat and AkD is looking as if he is losing a lot of energy. But AkD goes for another pinfall, but only gets a two count. AkD is now furious and hits Canny with ten consecutive stomps to the chest and picks Canny up.

AkD goes for a Paydirt, but Canny catches him and slams him down in a spinebuster. Canny goes for the pinfall and only gets a two count. Now Canny is getting furious and he hits AkD with a good number of consecutive leg drops.

He goes for the pinfall, but only gets a two count. 22:00 is on the titantron now as Kevin is panting in the ring. He then picks up AkD and goes for a lariat, but AkD reverses with a leg sweep.

Canny falls hard to the mat as AkD locks in the ankle lock to Kevin. Canny is screaming in pain in the center of the ring and almost taps out, but hesitates. He then climbs slowly to the ropes, but AkD drags him back to the center of the ring.

Canny then tries to climb to another side of the ring and somehow manages to toss AkD outside the ring with his other leg. AkD falls hard on the outside as Canny is just lying in the ring.

18:02 is on the clock now as AkD is trying to get up, as Canny just gets up in the ring. Just as AkD gets up, Canny launches himself towards AkD with a crossbody over the top rope. Both men are down on the outside. The ref starts the ten count as both men show no signs of getting up. The ref reaches an eight count just before both men can get in the ring. They are still just lying on the mat in pain. The ref starts another ten count to see if both men will be able to get up. But at five, both men get up as Canny runs into an instant Paydirt. AkD goes for the pinfall and gets the three count. 15:34 is on the clock.



Canny is down until AkD picks him up for an enziguri, but Canny catches AkD's foot and hits a leg swepp. AkD falls to the mat as Canny goes to the top turnbuckle for some reason and as soon as AkD gets up, Canny hits him with a missle dropkick. Canny goes for the pinfall, but AkD has enough energy to kick out at two and a half. Canny is now freaking out and pushes the ref down and holds AkD in the Sharpshooter. AkD is weak and taps out, yet the ref is still down. Canny then picks up the ref and proceeds to hold AkD in another Sharpshooter. This time though, AkD does not tap out as the clock is at 9:45. Canny is having a meltdown in the ring and picks up AkD. He takes AkD and throws him against the ropes and nails a sidewalk slam when he comes back. He goes for the pinfall, but still only gets a two count.

Canny then puts AkD in a sleeper hold, until AkD manages to break it and put Canny in a figure four leg lock. Canny is screaming in pain, but reaches the ropes in time. After this, Canny flips AkD (4:35) and Canny quickly gets up to hit AkD with another set of stomps all around AkD's body. AkD rolls out of the ring and Canny chases after him. Just as Canny looks to irish wip AkD into the ring, AkD reverses and tosses Canny into the steel steps. The clock is at 1:00 so AkD just enters the ring as Canny tries to get up. Canny then looks at the timer on the titantron and rushes into the ring as fast as he can to confront the champ. He hits AkD with a kick to the leg and AkD falls to the mat. Canny points at the sky and holds AkD in one last Sharpshooter.

The clock is at :30 seconds as he is holding AkD in what looks to be the toughest Sharpshooter he has tried to use all night. AkD is trying to get to the ropes, but Canny brings him back to the center of the ring again. Now at :20, Canny is holding AkD more tightly than ever before. They are both screaming as Canny is telling AkD to tap out. Now there are 10 seconds left as AkD is only using willpower at this point to not tap out. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.

Right at one, AkD begins to tap out, but the timer goes off before he actually taps, meaning that it did not count.

(RA) Here is your winner and still the WWE Champion, AkD!

Fans are cheering loudly as Canny is screaming at the ref as AkD is lying in the ring with the belt on his chest. Canny then pushes the ref down again and gets a steel chair from under the ring. He brings it into the ring and hits AkD with it several times and the chair is now dented as AkD is gushing with blood. Canny leaves the ring with the chair as everyone is confused and they start booing Canny out of the arena.

(RA) The following contest is a casket match. The only way to win is to get your opponent in the casket and to close it up. GM Svyato Rovenchuk also wanted me to mention this will be a No DQ match!

(RA) Introducing first the challenger, JLB!

(JLB enters and grabs a mic)

(JLB) It seems like Joe Burgett has always found a way to be the guy. Whether it was a dirty way or a clean way. Well tonight I want to be the man that does anything he needs to get to the top.

And believe me when I say this Burgett, you will be the one inside that casket. And that Casket symbolizes something. It symbolizes that after tonight you will be a mere after thought while JLB will be the one everyone is talking about. Your Pro Wrestling career will be dead after tonight, as mine will live on!

As for the Hacker, just stay out of my way. I don’t want anyone interfering in my match against Burgett. So if anyone wants to be a hero and come on down to help him, I’ll whoop your ass! *Raises hands as if he had just won*

(RA) And his opponent, he is the current World Heavyweight Champion, Joe Burgett!

Both men start at each other until the bell sounds. Both men charge at each other locking up. JLB overpowers him and throws him into the casket, but Burgett jumps out as quickly as possible.

Now Joe just looks over at the casket, then at JLB, and gets back into the ring. But as he is coming in JLB starts kicking him. Joe down, JLB picks him up and Irish Whips him into the rope, as he is coming off the rope JLB delivers a right elbow. Now he lifts him up and throws him on top of the casket (closed). JLB slides out.

JLB opens up the casket. He puts Joe's hands in there and now slams it on top of it. He keeps on slamming the top of the casket on Joe's hand until he finally think Burgett has had enough. Now he places Burgett in the casket and attempts to close it, but Joe sticks his foot out to stop it. 

JLB takes Joe out of the casket. Right away he Irish Whips him into the steps. Now he just waits there. Joe slowly gets to his feet. He turns around and gets spinebustered. JLB throws Joe back into the ring as he follows him. Joe attempts to tackle him, but once again he gets hit by that spinebuster. JLB feels empowered. 

JLB lifts him up and hits him with a running power slam. He lifts him up again, but Joe starts giving him rights and lefts until JLB falls to his feet. Joe now lifts him to his feet and calls for the casket to be opened. He takes him and while running throws him into the casket. 

Now he sticks his head under the second rope looking to close the casket, but JLB grabs him and starts choking him. JLB uses his power to pull Joe into the casket as well. But Joe was quick to get out. Immediately, he takes the casket and tips it over so JLB will fall out of it. The referee gets the casket and places it back to where it is meanwhile JLB starts to fighting back against Burgett. 

Now JLB gives him a kick to the mid section in an attempt to hit the Lariat of Death, but instead Burgett makes it a DDT.

He drags JLB to the casket. He now lifts him into it now looks to close it, but JLB was quick to react and is pushing the casket open from the inside with his hands.

It works as Joe falls and JLB gets out, Burgett charges at JLB, but so does JLB and he's the one that gets the his way as he hits a monstrous spear. 

JLB now throws him back into the ring. By the time JLB gets in Burgett is ready to counter. He delivers a suplex to JLB. Now Joe sets up for the Saving Grace. He is ready to hit when the lights go out. 

When they come back on the Hacker is standing in front of him. He throws JLB to the side as he goes face to face with him. 

He and the masked man exchange stares until JLB turns Joe around and surprise attacks him with the Lariat of Death. He lifts Joe up and he throws him into the casket. He slides out and seals the casket shut. It's over.

(RA) Here is your winner and New World Heavyweight Champion, Jason Le Blanc. 

The lights go out again and when they come back on the Hacker is standing beside JLB handing him the belt. JLB takes it and raises it high. And just like that the Hacker disappears.

JLB doesn't look like he's done. He pulls out a lock and locks the casket. Now he takes the casket. He pulls it all the way to outside the arena. Now he looks at the lake not too far away and starts pulling the casket there.

He pulls the casket up right beside the lake. He looks at the casket and then pushes it into the lake! JLB is satisfied with what he did. The New World Champ raises his hands with the World Title to the sky to celebrate his victory. 

Is this the last we see of Joe Burgett?     


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