WWE Needs to Fix Big E Langston's Sharp Drop in Momentum

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistFebruary 7, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

November seems a long time away in terms of the crazy world of the WWE. CM Punk was still very much at the forefront of the company, and the men who were in main events are now embroiled in all new storylines.

Ironically, November was the month in which Big E Langston managed to win his first major championship with the company—just weeks after turning face.

That win over Curtis Axel looked to be the springboard for a huge future for Langston, and the weeks following his win suggested that. We've seen him standing tall at the end of Raw with the likes of John Cena and CM Punk—which is certainly a good way to boost your popularity with the crowd.

He has been a pretty good custodian of the Intercontinental Championship, and is surely destined for bigger things in the future—perhaps even after the WrestleMania season has started to die down, and several part-time stars head off into the sunset.

However, that clutch of part-time guys—think Batista, Brock Lesnar and perhaps even a returning Undertaker—have seriously impacted Langston and the momentum he carried. In some ways, this is the problem that many guys in the WWE have—including CM Punk, who has reportedly left the company.

The Intercontinental Championship should now be in a much more prominent place on the card going into every single pay-per-view. With the WWE Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship unified into one, it means there is a space for the IC title to have the reputation it had during the Attitude Era.

Guys like Stone Cold Steve Austin and Bret Hart all held the belt with dignity—that isn't to say Langston is in their league, but he would make a great champion if he is used correctly.

Langston has breezed his way past many of the mid-carders the WWE currently has. Damien Sandow, Curtis Axel and Fandango are just three who have been brushed aside by Langston with consummate ease. He is main event material—but is rapidly disappearing into insignificance with the WWE's persistence to use part-timers.

Perhaps his big break will arrive when The Shield split. There was talk recently of a unification match between Langston and the United States Champion Dean Ambrose. Should that happen—and Langston come out on top—he will hopefully be once again thrust into the spotlight.

It has been a slow process maturing Langston into a top star. From the days in NXT where he patented his famous "five" count, to working as Dolph Ziggler's heavy—right through to now. The WWE should be commended for how they have turned Langston into a potentially top star.

However, they desperately need to address it, or else it will all go to waste.