Miami Heat Hit Los Angeles Salon on off Day

Joe Flynn@@ChinaJoeFlynnContributor IFebruary 7, 2014


Before you can become a champion, you must look like a champion...from head to toe.

That must have been what the Miami Heat had in mind on Tuesday, Feb. 4, during an off day in Los Angeles. LeBron James and several of his teammates hit the salon for a round of manicures and pedicures.

James tweeted out the Heat's salon adventures.

Here are some Instagram photos of James getting a massage and a pedi.

Veteran Heat forward Udonis Haslem joined in on the action.

Ray Allen hit the game-clinching three-pointer in the Heat's 116-112 win over the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday. Clearly, he owes his impeccable clutch shooting to his impeccable foot maintenance, as he demonstrated in this Instagram photo.

Allen's accompanying statement: "How else do you think I've been able to stay around for 18 years. You gotta take care of your dawgs cuz they take care of you. Women know this but fellas your feet take a beating so get a pedicure every now and then."

Roger Mason Jr. rarely makes it off the bench, totaling just 260 minutes on the season. But that doesn't mean he hasn't earned the pampered treatment he's getting in this photo.

But has the reserve guard really earned the "Heatles" T-shirt he's wearing in the photo? He's only been with the team for a few months!

Backup center Greg Oden is not pictured. Nobody would blame him for avoiding pedicures—with all the foot injuries he's suffered over the years, Oden's feet shouldn't be touched by anyone other than registered medical professionals.

All-Star guard Dwyane Wade could also use a rubdown for his aching knees. But he isn't in the photos either. Perhaps that isn't covered by the stringent medical program the Heat organization has used to keep Wade performing at peak levels this season, as documented by Reuters.

The Heat's interest in cuticle health reminds's Lang Whitaker of the legendary Julius Erving:

I remember as a kid reading an interview with Julius “Dr. J” Erving, who talked about how he would regularly get manicures. His reasoning, as I recall, was that he made a living using his hands, so it only made sense to make sure his hands were in the best shape possible.

If manicures are good enough for Dr. J, then they're good enough for King James and the Heat. As for the pedicures, well, they just want to look good.

The Heat are currently in the middle of a six-game, two-week road trip through the Western Conference. They won't play another home game until Feb. 23, against the Chicago Bulls, so perhaps the trip to the nail salon was used as a team-building exercise—a way for players to bond on a long road trip.

Or maybe LeBron and his buddies were simply bored.