Boise State National Signing Day 2014: Position-by-Position Analysis

Martin Sondermann@@GamedayreporterAnalyst IIFebruary 7, 2014

Boise State National Signing Day 2014: Position-by-Position Analysis

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    Otto Kitsinger/Associated Press

    Head coach Bryan Harsin and his staff have to be pleased with what they were able to accomplish in their first Boise State recruiting class. 

    With little time, a coaching transition and wavering recruits, Harsin and his team assembled the top-rated recruiting class in the Mountain West Conference.

    If this staff could do that in such a short time, imagine what future recruiting classes might look like for the Broncos.

    Let's look at the 2014 class, analyze the strengths and weaknesses and try to determine if every need was met.

    *Note: All recruit rankings and statistics are courtesy of 247Sports.


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    Alex Ogle
    Alex OgleCredit: 247Sports

    Signees: 3-star Alex Ogle (Jensen Beach High School, Jensen Beach, Fla.) and 2-star Tommy Stuart (Butte College, Oroville, Calif.)


    Boise State needed at least one quarterback in its 2014 recruiting class. However, two are even better after the early departure of redshirt freshman Nick Patti, who decided to transfer to UCF, per the Orlando Sentinel.

    The Broncos were able to fill Patti's spot with JUCO transfer Tommy Stuart. All he did as a freshman was lead his team to a national championship. He now has four years to play three.

    Stuart is a pro-style quarterback and will fit nicely in Harsin's new system. Patti probably wouldn't have fit as well, and that might be part of the reason the more mobile quarterback went back to Florida.

    The Broncos also landed Alex Ogle. The 3-star pro-style quarterback has some things to work on such as footwork and the tendency to throw the ball into traffic when pressured. At the high school level, he was able to complete some of those passes, but it all changes at the next level.

    Still, he has a tremendous upside.

    First, his attitude is incredible, and he seems to be the kind of overlooked and underestimated recruit coming out of high school that the Broncos love so much. The other thing he has going for him is an incredible arm.

    Ogle can throw the ball with the best of them, and it is going to be fun to watch him develop.

Running Back

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    Cory Young
    Cory YoungCredit: 247Sports

    Signee: 3-star Cory Young (Norco High School, Norco, Calif.)


    The Broncos are thick at running back, but it is an unpredictable position. At least one running back needed to be signed to keep the classes even and to add even more depth.

    Cory Young is a very good choice for the Broncos. He has an incredible first move, and his cuts in the open field are impressive.

    He is also different enough from other running backs on the roster that he gives a new dynamic to the running game.

Wide Receivers

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    Jeremy McNichols
    Jeremy McNicholsCredit: 247Sports

    Signees: 3-star Kekoa Nawahine (Rocky Mountain, Meridian, Idaho), 2-star Sean Modster (Santa Margarita Catholic, Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif.), 2-star Jeremy McNichols (Lakewood High School, Lakewood, Calif.) and 3-star A.J. Richardson (Narbonne High School, Lomita, Calif.)


    The Broncos need to continue to add receivers each season, but they didn't actually add as many this year as it first appears.

    Kekoa Nawahine, who is going on a church mission before enrolling, is more of a safety than his listed recruiting position of wide receiver. Also, Jeremy McNichols will more likely play more as a running back than he ever will at wide receiver.

    That leaves two actual wide receivers in this class in Sean Modster and A.J. Richardson, who graduated in 2013 but delayed enrollment at Boise State until spring of 2014.

    Modster will probably need a bit of time to develop, but Richardson is a talented guy who could play right away. The Broncos have decent talent already, but he will no doubt provide even more depth in 2014.

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Tight Ends

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    Chase Blakley
    Chase BlakleyCredit: 247Sports

    Signees: 3-star Chase Blakley (Coeur d' Alene High School, Coeur d' Alene, Idaho) and 3-star David Lucero (Holtville High School, Holtville, Calif.)


    Many Boise State fans have missed the heavy involvement of tight ends in the offense the last two seasons. With the signing of these two talented guys, it looks like the position will be in the game plan once again.

    The Broncos do have decent talent at tight end right now, but injuries have hindered some of the current players on the roster.

    Don't be surprised if Chase Blakley or David Lucero find playing time in 2014.

Offensive Line

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    Troy Bacon
    Troy BaconCredit: 247Sports

    Signees: 3-star Troy Bacon (Oak Hills, Apple Valley, Calif.), 3-star Tennessee Su'esu'e (East High School, Salt Lake City, Utah), 3-star Jehren Ertel (Glendale High School, Glendale, Ariz.) and 2-star Andres Preciado (Mar Vista Senior, Imperial Beach, Calif.)


    Offensive line is one of the positions that is always in need of at least a couple of recruits per class. This season, the Broncos signed four.

    Of those four, the most likely to find playing time early is Troy Bacon. He plays like a man among boys at the high school level, and at 6'3" and 281 pounds, he has the size to get himself ready to play as a freshman.

    Tennessee Su'esu'e could also find his way to the field in 2014. At 6'2" and 295 pounds, he has the size to be ready when fall rolls around. If he does get playing time, it will most likely be as a backup center.

Defensive Ends

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    David Moa
    David MoaCredit: 247Sports

    Signees: 3-star Rondell McNair (Contra Costa College, San Pablo, Calif.) and 3-star David Moa (Kearny High School, San Diego, Calif.)


    JUCO transfer Rondell McNair is just a beast. Look for him to go hard after a starting spot this fall. He has all the things you look for in a defensive end, plus he has a serious chip on his shoulder.

    Opposing defenses are not going to know what hit them after McNair brings his 6'4" and 255-pound frame across the line and stalks quarterbacks.

    David Moa is also a good addition. He had offers from BYU and Colorado but chose to be a Bronco. With depth always being key, he should get his chance to play right away as well.

Defensive Tackles

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    Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

    Signees: 3-star Antoine Turner (Fullerton College, Fullerton, Calif.) and 2-star Dereck Boles (Lakeland High School, Lakeland, Fla.)


    JUCO transfer Antoine Turner will turn heads this fall. At 6'3", 280 pounds, he brings the right kind of size and speed to the middle of the Broncos front seven. Again, depth is an issue up front on defense, so a player like him is desperately needed.

    Dereck Boles probably needs a bit more development than an experienced player like Turner, but he has serious potential.


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    Zavior Hoxie
    Zavior HoxieCredit: 247Sports

    Signee: 3-star Zavior Hoxie (Buford High School, Buford, Ga.)


    Even after all the struggles the Broncos had in the defensive secondary last season, they chose just one cornerback in this class.

    However, that is probably because the problem isn't the current talent. There are some extremely talented guys on the roster, and this new staff is more than qualified to get the best out of what they have.

    Zavior Hoxie is a great addition to that talent pool, and he will be interesting to watch this fall. At 5'11", he is a bit taller than some of the other cornerbacks, and that along with his speed and effort will make him hard to keep out of action in 2014.


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    Signees: 3-star Jabril Frazier (Verbum Dei, Los Angeles, Calif.) and 3-star Kaleb Hill (Samuel Clemens, Schertz, Texas)


    The Broncos are thick at linebacker. In fact, they're so thick they probably didn't need to recruit any LBs in this class.

    Well, actually they didn't.

    Even if the position says linebacker on the recruit profile, neither Jabril Frazier or Kaleb Hill will probably ever play that position for the Broncos.

    They got a steal when they signed Jabril Frazier. He is listed as a 3-star or 4-star recruit, depending on the recruiting site, and he will most likely play defensive end for the Broncos.

    He plays aggressively and fast and will no doubt make an immediate impact. He had offers from Pac-12 schools as well, but at Boise State he has a better shot of playing early and often.

    Kaleb Hill is another incredible player who will most likely play "Stud." He should be right in the mix come this fall.


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    Dylan Sumner-Gardner
    Dylan Sumner-GardnerCredit: 247Sports

    Signee: 4-star Dylan Sumner-Gardner (West Mesquite, Mesquite, Texas)

    Analysis: Dylan Sumner-Gardner is quite possibly the highest-ranked recruit to ever sign to play football for the Broncos.

    He is an incredible athlete and student and has the right kind of attitude to play at Boise State. He was once a Texas A&M commit but decided to change that when defensive coordinator Marcel Yates took take the Boise job, per the Idaho Statesman.

    He knows how well Yates does when it comes to coaching players up, and he will benefit from that while on The Blue.