Nike Made $2.25 Billion off Jordan Brand in 2013

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistFebruary 6, 2014

HOUSTON, TX - FEBRUARY 17:  The Jordan Brand NIKE shoes worn by Blake Griffin
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Michael Jordan may not be playing basketball anymore, but the legend's brand made Nike a lot of money last year.

According to Matt Powell of SportsOneSource, the Jordan brand made Nike $2.25 billion in 2013, or $250 million more than it made the year before. That's getting it done.

It should come as no surprise that LeBron James is the top player in terms of sales. Although it's not shocking that Kevin Durant brings in a lot of money, it is somewhat surprising that he made such a big jump in one year.

With James and Durant leading the way, Nike is in good hands right now.

[H/t Black Sports Online]