LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant Headline List of NBA's Top Shoe Salesmen

Adam FromalNational NBA Featured ColumnistFebruary 6, 2014

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It's good to be the king. 

LeBron James seems to be on top of the world in just about every measurable category—number of highlights, quality of play (though Kevin Durant is challenging him there so far this season), number of consecutive titles, jerseys sold—and the list goes on. 

Now it includes shoe sales: 

As Forbes.com's Kurt Badenhausen shows, LeBron is just blowing out the rest of the field. Kudos to Kevin Durant and a still-injured Kobe Bryant for coming in at No. 2 and No. 3, respectively, but their total sales still can't match what the Miami Heat superstar did on his own. 

This is despite unhappiness James himself felt regarding his kicks early in the season. 

"It has been a frustrating process," the reigning MVP told ESPN's Darren Rovell and Michael Wallace in December. "But obviously, I know that Nike wants to do what's best. They're not going to put me out there in harm's way. So we're redefining the shoe to fit what's best for my foot."

And he's still at the top despite a massive increase in sales from KD, in fact. 

One of the shoes Durant has been wearing.
One of the shoes Durant has been wearing.Jesse D. Garrabrant/Getty Images

"Sales for Durant’s Nike signature sneakers jumped 400 percent last year from $35 million to $175 million in the U.S., according to research firm SportsOneSource," wrote Badenhausen. And Durant is still coming in second place by $125 million. 

Derrick Rose ($40 million) and Carmelo Anthony ($30 million) were next in line, and even they can't help close the gap. 

Just think about that for a second. 

LeBron is so ridiculously popular that he's selling more sneakers than the combined efforts of the next four guys on the list.

You almost have to wonder if everyone buying his shoes is aware that wearing them won't suddenly grant them access to the ridiculous athletic tools King James has at his disposal.