Fan Videobombs Bill Walton with Rubik's Cube Mastery at Stanford vs. Cal Game

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Fans do things a wee bit differently when Cal and Stanford come together. While Bill Walton rambles on with Dave Pasch listening, some fans scream at the camera, some feign disinterest and one very awesome individual passes the time by solving a Rubik's Cube.


According to YouTube user Ben Malone's description, this moment takes place at some point during Stanford's win over Cal on Wednesday night, 80-69. The loss shouldn't do much to diminish Cal's high spirits because it is still celebrating the upset of No. 1 Arizona, which should sate the masses for at least a couple of seasons.

Bill Walton starts in with, "But this game tonight, Dave, is reminiscent of our great governor here in California..." He goes on to relate the game to Jerry Brown in some fashion. We can't be sure because the cool kid in the front row steals all of our attention.

Now, I spent some of my best years at Cal. Actually, let me tinker just a bit with that, because I spent some of my more inebriated years at Cal. Unfortunately, I gained the ability to play Edward Fortyhands and eat copious amounts of food but failed to learn how to properly solve a Rubik's Cube.

It's a new age. While I was stuck lugging a CD player to class uphill both ways, these kids are rocking smartphones and enjoying a culture that embraces nerd sensibilities. All of this means some of us were born in the wrong decade, and two of the more prestigious colleges are attempting to out-nerd one another.

The most recent masterstroke came from future Stanford defensive end Solomon Thomas, who committed to the Cardinal in quite the amazing manner.

Here he is donning "nerd glasses" and holding court in front of a tree: Yeah, but can he solve a Rubik's Cube while a raucous crowd fills Haas Pavilion with their booming voices? Actually, it's easy to assume Thomas could solve a Rubik's Cube in just about any situation.

And so we have ourselves a bit of an arms race as it pertains to an already fantastic rivalry. We now look forward to the next clash of geek titans, which will no doubt include some imaginative videobombs coming from the background.

Perhaps an entire row of students can bust out their best 3-D puzzle to pass the time during the game. As long as these two schools push the creativity forward, ending in some gala talent show, we all win.

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