Land of Extreme To Land of Dreams: Dreamer's Title Win, Punk Cashes in

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Land of Extreme To Land of Dreams: Dreamer's Title Win, Punk Cashes in

Judgment Day 2009: 2/7: .286
All-Time: 13/24: 0.542

Well, I was somewhat correct in my predictions for the title changes, but they still didn’t turn out the way I expected.  If you are looking for unpredictability in modern wrestling, WWE has been delivering quite well lately—unless it’s a John Cena match.  Extreme Rules featured four title switches and some surprise moments.

I’m not going to go into too much depth on these matches as I have not yet gotten a chance to watch the pay-per-view, but here are some rough results compared with my picks, which were posted in a different article about four days prior.

CM Punk def Umaga (Samoan strap match)
My pick:  Umaga
Extreme Rules 2009: 0/1: .000
All-Time: 13/25: 0.520

John Cena def Big Show (submission match)
My pick:  John Cena
Extreme Rules 2009: 1/2: .500
All-Time: 14/26: 0.538

Kofi Kingston def MVP, William Regal, Matt Hardy (US Title)
My pick:  Kofi Kingston
Extreme Rules 2009: 2/3: .666
All-Time: 15/27: 0.556

Tommy Dreamer def Christian & Jack Swagger (Hardcore rules, ECW title) NEW CHAMPION
My pick:  Jack Swagger
Extreme Rules 2009: 2/4: .500
All-Time: 15/28: 0.538

Santina Marella def Vickie Guerrero (hog pen match for ‘Miss WrestleMania’) NEW ‘CHAMPION’
My pick:  Vickie Guerrero
Extreme Rules 2009: 2/5: .600
All-Time: 15/29: 0.517

Chris Jericho def Rey Mysterio (no holds barred, Intercontinental title) NEW CHAMPION
My pick:  Chris Jericho
Extreme Rules 2009: 3/6: .500
All-Time: 16/30: 0.533

Jeff Hardy def Edge (ladder match, World Heavyweight title) NEW CHAMPIONMy pick:  Jeff Hardy
Extreme Rules 2009: 4/7: .571
All-Time: 17/31: 0.548

“Bonus Match”
CM Punk def Jeff Hardy (World Heavyweight title) NEW CHAMPION
My pick: Unadvertised, doesn’t count.

Batista def Randy Orton (steel cage match, WWE title) NEW CHAMPION
My pick: Batista
Extreme Rules 2009: 5/8: .625
All-Time: 18/32: 0.563

If you read my prediction article, you know my stances and opinions on these matches.  Overall, these results look pretty good and I wish I could have seen the pay-per-view without knowing the results first, but that never happens.

Punk’s title win is a nice swerve, even if it seemed like it would happen sooner or later (no one knew when, though).  Dreamer’s title win was a total shocker, and is bittersweet. 

Obviously he is staying on the show now, as their champion, which is great to see.  The only problem is, he can’t perform anywhere near the standards that guys like Christian or Swagger have set (or met), yet he’s the show’s champion. 

It’s a reason to watch ECW, I guess—to see where the angle goes.  Similarly, I am eager to tune into Smackdown to see if Punk is turning heel, how he is accepted by the crowd, or if Jeff Hardy will get a rematch.  Now if I can only find a reason to watch Raw…

Final standings:
Extreme Rules 2009: 5/8: .625
All-Time: 18/32: 0.563

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