Kyle Lowry Gets Called for Phantom Offensive Foul in Final Minute

Kyle Lowry drained what seemed to be a clutch three-pointer in the final seconds to bring the Toronto Raptors within three of the Sacramento Kings, but referees whistled him for an offensive foul.

UPDATE: Thursday, February 6, 3:47 p.m. ET

Disgraced NBA referee Tim Donaghy raised some suspicion around the call:

--End of Update--

Lowry was called for kicking his legs out too far on his follow-through and tripping Kings guard Ben McLemore. Looking at the video, Lowry's leg barely contacts McLemore, yet the call was still made.

To make matters worse, Lowry's reaction of running to the other side of the court resulted in a technical foul—his second of the game, leading to an automatic ejection.

The Kings finished with a 109-101 victory to add to the Raptors' misery. What call was worse, the initial foul or the resulting technical?

[YouTube, h/t For The Win]