WWE: There's Something About CM Punk

Rashonda RoseCorrespondent IJune 8, 2009

Just as there was Something About Mary, there is definitely something about CM Punk.  I can't put my finger on it but after last night, I have the urge to write about him.  A few months ago, I was reading through some threads on a wrestling website and CM Punk stated that he liked being a heel.  It surprised me because of his whole "straight-edge thing," and also made me curious about him.

CM Punk is not the best wrestler or talker, but he is interesting in a way.  When I watch him wrestle, sometimes I'm surprised at how tough he is.  When I hear him talk, I'm surprised at his honesty.  His gimmick doesn't seem like a gimmick.  He is CM Punk. 

I came across his old blog that was posted online and learned more about him.  He has a strange but interesting sense of humor.  He seems like a team player and he doesn't have a super ego.  I also learned the story behind his Pepsi tattoo and the tattoos on his fingers. 

He loves body art and says he is totally drug-free, which is a great thing because a lot of kids looked up to him (until last night).  Punk has paid his dues by wrestling in various indy organizations.  He has suffered numerous injuries and still came back for more because he loves the wrestling business.  It's in his heart.  

His first world title reign in the WWE was short-lived and not particularly eventful.  The way he lost the title (by forfeit) was also uneventful.  But this world title reign may prove to be way more interesting if he does in fact turn heel.  

What he did to Jeff last night was not completely out of character.  I read about his heel days in ROH and it seems that he may have gone back to his heel ways.  All I can say is, "it's about time!"  I was starting to get bored with Punk and his straight edge lifestyle.  Now he will be fresh and exciting (hopefully).

At the same time, I believe that Jeff is so over that he would have made a great face champion for a while (at least longer than three minutes).  I don't know what they plan on doing with Edge (who I adore) but I think it will be interesting now that he is separating from the dead weight (Vickie Guerrero). 

As for CM Punk, I can only hope that WWE hears the fans and turns Punk heel because if they don't, they better give that title back to Jeff because a lot fans are very angry at the moment.  (By the way, Jeff and Edge had the match of the night.)