Jericho Strips Mysterio Of Title and His Mask

chipper smithCorrespondent IJune 8, 2009

Extreme Rules did rule last night, and all the titles except for the U.S. Championship changed hands. Randy Orton and Batista fought in a cage match and Batista came away victorious. Randy did get a few good moves in, but it wasn't what I had anticipated.

I thought there would be more action, more drama, some blood, anything.

Instead we got to see 15 or 20 minutes of really nothing. I'm glad Batista won and shut Orton up for awhile but there was no pizzazz in the performance.

Chris Jericho did however, do what he said he was going to do.

He stripped Rey Mysterio of his belt and mask. Now that was a great match. There was a lot of action and it took a lot out of both wrestlers. This match could've gone either way.

First it looked like Rey was going to to win with his 6:19, which he connected with a few times, only to have Jericho kick out. Chris would look like he was going to win, but then Rey would kick out.

Back and forth this match went.

In the beginning, Rey took Chris to another world only for Chris to come back and be in control of the match. They both fought with everything that they had. At the end, Jericho pinned Rey and took his mask.

Now it seems that Jericho is going to be more arrogant, hard to live with and be running his mouth even more now that he has set a record of being the only wrestler to win the Intercontinental championship nine times.

I realize it marks a milestone in his life, but do we have to listen to it? There will be no shutting him up now.

God help us all!