Portland Trail Blazer's Offseason: What's Pritchard Cookin' Now?

Caleb M.Analyst IJune 8, 2009

We all remember last season when Pritchard pulled off that six trade Draft Day. Well, prepare to be amazed...he's at it again.

There's definitely some room to grow, as far as our lineup goes. Roy, Aldridge, and Oden provide a good front. Outlaw, Batum, and Przybilla are here to stay as well.

Outlaw is "supposedly" a trade chip, but I certainly hope not. But what of Bayless, Webster, and Rodriguez?

Pritchard has leverage, and is surely aware of his need to use it.

I myself am very proud of my Blazers, making the playoffs this year. We came from hoping for a .500 season, to "Oh my God beat Houston!" in one year.

That's a lot to expect from our rookie team—we need to make some changes before hoping to getting past the first round.

Sergio "Spanish Chocolate" Rodriguez has to go.

We need an experienced guard to, not necessarily play, but mentor our younger players for a few years. And there's plenty of experience just begging to be picked up. Sergio just isn't playing quality ball, as awesome as his passes are. 

Steve Nash is a huge veteran with a ring or two. He's a free agent next year. Why not?

Before we worry about draft picks, we need some veterans to mentor them. Nash would get some playing time obviously as we need a Point Guard.  

Like I said, we all see that Portland needs a new Point Guard. Sergio needs to go, he's not preforming up to par. Steve Blake? A quality backup for sure, but he can't run the show. So Chris Paul or Steve Nash look pretty good. Pritchard definitely has something to work with in Sergio and Martell Webster. 

We know Portland has had eyes on Chris Paul for a while now. There's rumors of trading him for Rudy.

The more I think about it the more I like it. We get a Point Guard, we could unload Sergio with Rudy and pick up someone else. It wouldn't be a bad deal as much of a fan as I am of Rudy.

Tracy McGrady is a free agent in 2010. He'd be a supurb update for Portland with experience, scoring skills, and power. The question is if we want him to steal the show as he would, if he's too injury prone, and if Houston would let him go (which they should with Brooks).

Another option is the trade rumor in Boston. They're talking about letting go Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen in a package deal. Again, this might be speculation but I think it's a great move for the Blazers.

We get two quality players, Allen with a lot of experience to help our guys along the way. Rondo isn't a great shooter, but we have plenty of those. He's fabulous on defense, which is where we have room to improve.

The draft, really, is the least of my concerns for the Blazers. Like I stated before, we need some veteran leadership, not new rookies.

There are some promising rookies to be sure, but we should be using our picks as trade leverage in my opinion.

All in all, we need to upgrade our Point Guard slot, unload a few guys, and then worry about the draft.

But, who knows what Pritchard has in mind for this Draft Day.