WWE WTF: Betty White, Alberto Del Rio and Ryback

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistFebruary 5, 2014

WTF is Alberto Del Rio doing when his WWE contract is up? Why is Betty White coming to Raw? Is Ryback seriously going to eat all those chicken wings?

In the midst of another lukewarm heel run, Alberto Del Rio has been telling people he will be leaving the WWE once his contract is up, according to PWInsider (via WrestleNewz). The fact that Del Rio would have the common decency to honor his contract seems heroic in light of the much uglier departure involving CM Punk.

Former WWE star on the rise Ryback spent his Super Bowl in a local wing-eating contest. The competition was futile, and Ryback enjoyed an easy victory, devouring every wing in front of him before chanting his famous “feed me more” catchphrase. Apparently, tweets aren’t the only things Ryback can make disappear so quickly.

Golden girl Betty White will guest star on Raw next week in Los Angeles. As long as the 92-year-old film and TV legend is aware of where she is at all times, this could be fun.


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