Sixers Trade Rumors Tracker: Latest Updates Ahead of 2014 NBA Trade Deadline

Adam Fromal@fromal09National NBA Featured ColumnistFebruary 5, 2014

Sixers Trade Rumors Tracker: Latest Updates Ahead of 2014 NBA Trade Deadline

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    There are so many trade rumors circling around the Philadelphia 76ers that they can make your head swirl. 

    I'm assuming that's what happened to Evan Turner up above, seeing as he's been firmly embroiled in them all season long. Then again, he could just be reacting to a negative play or loss, as those have been quite common ever since the Sixers' surprising start to the 2013-14 season. 

    It's all about the long game in the City of Brotherly Love. 

    With Michael Carter-Williams leading the charge, Nerlens Noel holding down the fort at center and a number of incoming draft picks to work with in 2014-15, the Sixers are more concerned with tanking than winning at the moment.

    And that means they're sellers at the deadline, as the team possesses a trio of established players who would be exciting acquisitions for more competitive squads: 

    • Evan Turner, the promising young swingman who has been making strides as a scorer. 
    • Thaddeus Young, the most established veteran whose newfound three-point stroke makes him even more versatile than before. 
    • Spencer Hawes, whose shooting ability makes him a coveted center. 

    The Sixers could deal one of those players just as easily as they could move all three, which makes them one of the most exciting teams to follow as the trade deadline on Feb. 20 approaches. 

    General manager Sam Hinkie hasn't been afraid to deal players in the past—remember what happened with Jrue Holiday during the 2013 NBA draft—and he won't be in the present. It's just all about finding the right deal for a team hoping to be much more competitive in 2014-15. 

Charlotte Bobcats Want Evan Turner?

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    The rumor that the Charlotte Bobcats—who are expected to be aggressive buyers heading into the trade deadline—have interest in Evan Turner has floated around for a while now. It's not going anywhere. 

    CBS Sports' Ken Berger has the latest scoop: 

    The Charlotte Bobcats, clinging to the eighth playoff spot in the East, will be aggressive buyers at the deadline, league sources say. The team's interest in Sixers guard Evan Turner is real. Philadelphia GM Sam Hinkie wants a first-round pick for Turner (and the same for Spencer Hawes). The Bobcats can offer their Detroit pick if they're serious about making a push.

    Assuming the trade is built as expected, it would be a mutually beneficial one. 

    The Bobcats would be giving up Ben Gordon—who's essentially an expiring contract—and one of their two or three first-round picks (depending on how they finish the season). Both of those are attractive to the Philadelphia 76ers, who only have interest in acquiring assets for the future. 

    Meanwhile, Turner would be a nice fit in the Bobcats' scheme, taking some of the ball-handling responsibilities away from Kemba Walker and giving Charlotte a new rim-attacking piece in the backcourt. 

    While the Bobcats would be giving up some of their appeal in the future, they'd at least be highly competitive in the race for an Eastern Conference playoff spot. Given that the 'Cats have struggled throughout their history, it's time they reward the fans with an appearance in the postseason. 

    Acquiring Turner would almost ensure that. 

Evan Turner Being Heavily Shopped?

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    UPDATE on Feb. 7 at 10:15 a.m. ET by Zach Buckley

    According to's Marc Stein, sources say the Sixers "continue to hold out hope that they can acquire a future first-round pick" in exchange for Evan Turner.

    Teams have treated 2014 first-round picks like life rafts, desperately clinging to them in hopes of landing one of the class' premier talents. If this crop of new NBA blood is half as good as advertised, that's a sound strategy to follow.

    Still, as teams get further into their self-assessments leading up to the Feb. 20 trade deadline, it isn't hard to imagine someone envisioning Turner as a potential difference-maker. Packing an improving scoring punch and a polished floor game, he might have enough of an impact now to warrant sacrificing a piece of the future.

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    UPDATE on Feb. 6 at 6:00 p.m. ET by Adam Fromal

    B/R's Jared Zwerling is now reporting that Evan Turner might not get traded, tweeting that a first-round pick could change Philadelphia's mind, but the young swingman appears likely to become a pricey free agent. 

    This is by no means a death knell for the Turner trade rumors, though. 

    Given the way he's scored the ball and the promise he offers in a system that doesn't feature him as such a primary offensive option, the Ohio State product could still bring back a top-30 pick in the upcoming 2014 NBA draft. 

    All it takes is one desperate team. 

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    If there's one player who's going to be on the move, it seems likely that it's Evan Turner. 

    The swingman has used his fourth season at the professional level to break out, averaging 17.9 points, 6.0 rebounds and 3.8 assists per game while upping his levels of shooting efficiency. The biggest difference has been his attack mentality, as Turner is now seeking out the rim and finishing plays through bigger players. 

    Fortunately, the former Ohio State Buckeye has been blissfully unaware of the rumors, though he's still at least acknowledging their existence. "If I had read the paper, I’d have been packed for different weather," he told Tom Moore of the Bucks County Courier Times before a game against the Brooklyn Nets

    How could he not be aware they exist? 

    They're everywhere, as a multitude of teams have shown interest in acquiring the services of No. 12 (the Oklahoma City Thunder and Phoenix Suns are brought up by Sean Deveney of Sporting News). Not only is he a young player with offensive talent, but he's an expiring contract who could either open up financial flexibility or re-sign with the team for the prime of his career.

    Then again, that can also be problematic. Teams that don't think they could re-sign Turner are going to be more hesitant to deal for a player who essentially amounts to a half-season rental.  

    However, the Sixers seem intent on dealing Turner. 

    Deveney writes the following before noting that Philadelphia would like to acquire yet another draft pick: 

    The Philadelphia 76ers, deep into a rebuilding project that kicked off last June on draft night with the trade of All-Star point guard Jrue Holiday, have been stepping up their efforts to make a move before the trade deadline, and swingman Evan Turner has been at the forefront of those discussions, sources told Sporting News.

    The Charlotte Observer's Rick Bonnell reports that the Charlotte Bobcats are interested in Turner's services, though he notes no deal is imminent.

    Sam Amico also notes on Twitter that the Dallas Mavericks have looked into acquiring the swingman. He reports on Fox Sports that the Suns, Los Angeles Clippers and Atlanta Hawks could go for deals as well. 

    We haven't quite reached "You name a team, and it's interested in Turner" status, but it appears we're not too far away. 

Thaddeus Young Staying Put?

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    Thaddeus Young was the name often popping up in trade rumors earlier in the season, but now it seems as though he's the most likely candidate to stay from the trio of movable players. 

    Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders notes that the Houston Rockets are still interested, and that makes sense. After all, they have a movable contract (Omer Asik), draft picks that could be handed over to Philly and a need for a power forward. 

    As well as Terrence Jones has played while healthy, he still doesn't have the established value of Young, which is quite valuable as the Rockets attempt to win right now. That said, it'll be tough for Daryl Morey to get his hands on Young if the Sixers aren't willing to trade him. 

    ESPN's Chad Ford (subscription required) claims that the Sixers would prefer to deal either Hawes or Turner, and Kyler recently reported during a chat on Basketball Insiders that he's hearing Young is "off the market."

    But why? 

    Why would Philadelphia be willing to hang onto Young when he's helping them win games? Remember, that's normally a good thing, but each victory devalues the Sixers' draft pick in the stacked 2014 class. Trading Young helps maximize the value of that asset and could bring in a new one. 

    Well, Jake Fischer of has the explanation: "Thaddeus Young would be a fantastic veteran to lead a team with four lottery picks in two years moving forward." 

    Does that trump the benefit of trading him? 

    Maybe, maybe not. 

    We'll find out in the next few weeks as teams continue to show their interest in the versatile forward.

Spencer Hawes on the Move?

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    UPDATE on Feb. 7 at 10:15 a.m. ET by Zach Buckley

    According to's Marc Stein, sources say the Sixers remain hopeful they'll find a first-roundpick in return for stretch big man Spencer Hawes.

    Even as more of the NBA embraces the pace-and-space style of play, size continues to carry a premium in this league. The 7'0", 245-pound Hawes has plenty of it.

    The fact he also possesses a 41-percent three-point stroke, a 23.7 percent defensive rebounding rate and a career 1.6-blocks-per-36-minutes average makes him an intriguing target for potential suitors shopping for size.

    If one team considers that package worthy of a first-round pick, the 25-year-old will be headed to his third NBA home.

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    If you had to bet on one player changing hands, it would be Spencer Hawes. Even though the Evan Turner rumors have been more pervasive, it's the sharp-shooting big man who is the more unique asset as a one-season rental. 

    Hawes is averaging 13.5 points, 8.6 rebounds and 3.4 assists per game, and he's doing so in remarkably efficient fashion. Thanks to his perimeter shooting, of course. 

    The man with two zeros on his jersey is knocking down 41.5 percent of his three-point attempts, and he's doing so while firing away nearly four times per game. Forget about the concept of a stretch 4, because Hawes is a leading example of the new stretch 5. 

    Some team is going to want a piece of that action, and Fox Sports' Sam Amico confirms that there's a lot of interest in the Western Conference. 

    Amico doesn't reveal which teams are interested, but there is a market for the big man. There's always a market for big men with unique skills like Hawes, so the Sixers should be able to find a buyer as the deadline approaches. 

    The only thing throwing a wrench in their plans is the big man's contract status, as his deal expires at the conclusion of the 2013-14 campaign. 

    "The fact that Hawes has an expiring contract both helps and hurts his value," writes Eliot Shorr-Parks for "To some teams it might help, as they wouldn't have to commit to Hawes long term. On the other hand, it's going to be hard to convince a team to part with a first-round pick for a rental player."

    It's all about that first-round pick. 

    If general manager Sam Hinkie can land one, Hawes is as good as gone. But if a second-round pick or young player is the best asset he can receive, your guess is as good as mind as to what happens.