Turkish GP: Empty Grandstands With Chaos

Mustafa SariContributor IJune 8, 2009

ISTANBUL, TURKEY - JUNE 07:  Sebastien Buemi (C) of Switzerland and Scuderia Toro Rosso and Red Bull Racing Motorsport Consultant Helmut Marko (L) are seen on the grid before during the Turkish Formula One Grand Prix at Istanbul Park on June 7, 2009, in Istanbul, Turkey.  (Photo by Peter Fox/Getty Images)

This year, the Turkish GP was more boring than ever. The problem is not the speed of Button and Brawn. It is the organization and approach in Turkey.

The race was boring, but it is enjoyable to see Button show his real value to the Formula One world. He is a very talented and intelligent guy. Also, I want to point out that Heikki Kovalainen was faster than Lewis all weekend, because one review said Lewis had the upper hand during the race. But, it looked like the strategy worked for Lewis in a similar pace.  

In the race, Kovalainen was generally faster than Lewis. The gap was changed to 12 to 18 seconds against Lewis in the first stint. I think all McLaren drivers did a good job. If the car had a good pace, they would be in the points race.

Then I must consider the reason behind empty seats. Like Webber and Massa insisted, the prices were very high for a nontraditional F1 race country. Also, other grandstands are expensive, like the main grandstands. People like to attend races in open areas.

In open areas, there is only dirt and sand. In Turkey, fans live the simulation of being Bahrain. But this year, the pilot's autograph session was the worst thing.

In the autograph session, the Turkish broadcaster of F1 and security guards didn't let many people in to see the drivers and made a huge chaos with a little group of people. So, organization is worse than everything.

If I didn't have a kangaroo TV in race, it would be really boring. But listening to the radios of Ferrari and McLaren is funny and interesting. Today, Bernie blamed for organizers in Turkey.

For the first time, I agree with him. F1 is a serious sport and needs hard-working people to organize. I am a hardcore F1 fan, but it seems turn eight would not survive the Turkish GP's future. 

I hope the race is better next year, to be honest. If I was not a hardcore F1 viewer, I wouldn't attend the race because of organization.

But I like the sport and the technology. F1 is a sport with some of the best drivers in the world, so it is good to be part of F1.