Florida Football Recruiting: What Versatile ATH Treon Harris Brings to Gators

Randy ChambersAnalyst IFebruary 5, 2014

Credit: 247Sports

It's always nice when a team gets a recruit it wasn't really expecting to land. That happened to the Florida Gators on national signing day when 4-star athlete Treon Harris decided he was going to flip from his original commitment with Florida State and become a Gator.

Matt Porter of the Palm Beach Post broke the news:

Now is the time to celebrate if you're a Florida fan.


OK, now that that's over, and the ink is dry, what does Harris bring to the table? He spent much of his high school days at quarterback, but he's likely going to switch positions. Despite what many believe, Florida is pretty set at quarterback with Jeff Driskel, Will Grier and Deiondre Porter on the roster. But the good news is that he switched commitments for some reason. That reason is he probably heard something from new offensive coordinator Kurt Roper that he simply couldn't turn down.

Son, you're going to be Mr. Do it All in our offense. You'll line up all over the field, have the ball in your hands a lot and be able to make plays. 

Well, that sure beats sitting on the bench behind Jameis Winston, huh?

The truth is that Harris brings everything to the Gators that was missing. He's a playmaker, plain and simple. He's a natural athlete who can get to the edge in a hurry and break off the long run. He's shifty in the open field and makes any defender with poor angles miss on the tackle. Just his athleticism alone will allow for an easy transition to running back, wide receiver or somebody who makes plays in some sort of Wildcat package. 

At the very least, he comes in on situational downs like Tim Tebow did back in 2006 when Chris Leak was the quarterback. 

Is he going to run or throw? Ah, I don't know. Bang. Touchdown!

He was never really a polished quarterback, so he's really making the right decision by going somewhere that will allow him to use his strengths. He could return kicks and punts, putting the fear into SEC special teams coaching staffs everywhere. He's pure gold when the ball is in his hands.

Harris brings playmaking ability to an offense that lacked playmakers in the worst way. Who cares where he lines up or what he does? Just give him the football, and watch Florida actually move the chains for once.

If, and it's a big if, offense doesn't work out, Harris could always switch over to play in the defensive backfield. At 5'11", 180 pounds, he has ideal size to play the cornerback position and the change-of-direction speed to stick with his receiver. Of course, playing a position he isn't used to would take some time, but a gifted athlete such as Harris shouldn't have that much trouble picking it up.

So, what does Harris bring to the Gators?


He's the type of player who doesn't fit a certain mold. He'll just be making plays wherever the coaching staff sees fit for that particular day.