Jamaican Bobsled Team Unable to Practice Due to Missing Equipment

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistFebruary 5, 2014

Winston Alexander Watt and Lascelles Oneil Brown of Jamaica in JAM-1, pushes off during the men's two-man bobsled at the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics in Park City, Utah, Saturday, Feb. 16, 2002. (AP Photo/Joe Cavaretta)
JOE CAVARETTA/Associated Press

Nothing about the 2014 Sochi Olympics has been easy for the Jamaican bobsled team.

First, the team had to find a way to raise money to get to Russia. It overcame that issue, but now another obstacle stands in its way.

The athletes and the sled have made it to Russia, which means everything is good to go, right? 

Not so fast.

The Associated Press, via Sporting Newsreported that some of the team's equipment is missing. The Jamaican team was unable to make its practice runs on Wednesday because the runners for the sled and their sliding gear are nowhere to be found.

"The sled is here," driver Winston Watts said. "But the blades that we put our heart out to get, the airline maybe left them back in New York. None of us have clothing."

For now, the team will have to figure out a way to prepare without its equipment. This obstacle certainly puts the bobsledders at a disadvantage, but they are trying to figure out a backup plan. The team could receive some help from others if its luggage doesn't arrive by Thursday.

"I do have a backup plan," Watts said. "We do have a lot of guys here that want to help us, so I'm excited to see what's going to be the outcome tomorrow."

It's a tough situation to be in with the Olympics right around the corner, but that doesn't seem to be affecting the Jamaican team.

"There's no such word to explain how I felt being here," Watts said. "The atmosphere, the fans, the friends. It's pretty exciting. We are the most lovingest people, so every moment is always positive. We always keep smiling. That is our motto."

That's a better attitude than some would have in this situation.

After all the Jamaican team has been through just to get to this point, it isn't going to let something like this get in its way.