WWE Elimination Chamber 2014: Feuds That Will Thrill Fans at PPV

Giulio Romano@@JayPhoenix77Correspondent IIFebruary 5, 2014

WWE Elimination Chamber 2014: Feuds That Will Thrill Fans at PPV

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    Will he be holding those at night's end?
    Will he be holding those at night's end?Image courtesy of Deviant Art. Credit: Mike L. Shehata

    The final show before WrestleMania XXX is coming fast.

    Already, the seeds of war have been planted, and it is without a shadow of a doubt going to be a very exciting night on February 23, 2014.

    Not only is Randy Orton set to defend his championship within the confines of Satan's Prison, but he must do so against an array of formidable opponents, some of whom have beaten him for championships in the past.

    John Cena, Christian and the extremely popular Daniel Bryan have The Viper's number. The man of the hour will have to pull all of his resources together if he thinks he's slithering his way out of there in one piece.

    Since it is the last event before the Show of Shows, it should be expected to end with some sort of controversy, just enough to get all the hesitant fans on board for April.

    Things were set in motion at the Royal Rumble, but what are the feuds people are most interested in following at this point?

    Perhaps, after the smoke clears that night, a clear image of the future will be revealed.

    Let's take a look.

The Shield and the Wyatts

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    This should be awesome.
    This should be awesome.Image by WWE.com

    This must be by far the most intriguing and interesting storyline going into this pay-per-view at this point in time.

    The teases of dissension between Shield members Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose add a certain spice to the whole thing because it begs fans to wonder what will happen if they explode in the midst of this feud.

    Bray Wyatt is a cunning and clever devil, and he will seize the opportunity to destroy all who oppose him at first chance. It is even better if it happens from within his enemy's ranks.

    With what happened at the Royal Rumble, many will wonder what John Cena's role will be in this. Will he interfere here as well?

    He certainly has history with all six of these men, so all bets are off.

    One thing must be avoided, however, and that is for John to pull "SuperCena" out and eliminate all six Superstars. It would not be a very good way to sell these two factions as destructive forces.

    The Shield has been dominant since the end of 2012, and despite the cracks, the trio remain united as we speak.

    This is perhaps a good way for them to realize they are more powerful together than alone.

    Just the exchanges between the two groups are worth it, so this match is a definite must-see on this show.

AJ Lee and Her Divas Championship

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    Itsy bitsy spider
    Itsy bitsy spiderPhoto courtesy of WWE.com

    Alrighty then, so Naomi of the Funkadactyls is next in line for a championship opportunity.

    That is going to be fun to watch because both of these beautiful women are talented, and it should make for an exciting match once it becomes official.

    The story here, however, is AJ Lee being alone. She has been holding onto the Divas title for months and is the longest-reigning champion to date. So how good do you have to be to beat her?

    Very good.

    Over time, she has taken out every member of the Total Divas cast and has made a mockery of the show itself constantly. It is still unknown as to why this phenomenal character hasn't been added to the cast up to this point.

    AJ is on a mission to prove she is one of, if not the greatest Diva ever.

    None of the girls were seen at last month's Royal Rumble, so it is time for them to grab a piece of the spotlight.

    Since WrestleMania XXX is coming, fans should keep their eyes open in this one. WWE may pull the rug out from underneath the WWE universe and have something happen.

    The Divas Championship has not yet been defended at the big event, and things should start happening soon.

    AJ is way too cocky yet powerful. Someone needs to humble her.

    Regardless if Naomi ends up being the right girl, ultimately, the Black Widow will meet her match, and karma will finally get its due.

    Speaking of "karma"...a very interesting read right here.

Brock Lesnar, Batista and Company

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    Boy, The Viper looks small here.
    Boy, The Viper looks small here.Photo by Wrestle Stars

    At the end of the Royal Rumble, Batista was declared the winner and is seemingly headed toward the main event of WrestleMania XXX.

    So far, there is no reason at all to believe this decision will stick come April 6th, 2014.

    Honestly, The Animal's return to the company has been received with mixed reactions so far, and he is hardly the man the people want in the main event at the biggest wrestling event of the year.

    They want Daniel Bryan!

    Now, Brock Lesnar is back, and he is here for one purpose only: seek and destroy until he is the WWE World Heavyweight champion, plain and simple.

    Batista is in his way; whatever will he do? Take out Batista or die trying, perhaps?

    The recent altercation between Batista and Alberto Del Rio should truly be resolved on an episode of Raw because it is not really pay-per-view material.

    In the event it is booked for Elimination Chamber, the Beast Incarnate should manifest then and there.

    There is plenty of time to make Brock Lesnar vs. Batista happen at WresteMania XXX. It would be a match worth seeing between two powerhouses who have each held their fair share of world titles.

    The noteworthy part here is, it would free up the two most valuable spots on the card: the main event and The Streak.

    Nothing is ever signed, sealed and delivered in WWE until the last possible moment, so fans should keep that in mind going into the forthcoming event.

After This, It's the Big One!

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    Hell of Irons
    Hell of IronsImage via WWE.com

    It is almost that time again. WrestleMania time.

    Elimination Chamber will serve to open up a whole lot of drama, and afterwards, there will be around five to six weeks to truly map out and finalize things so that New Orleans can explode.

    CM Punk's sudden departure took the world by storm, and now the company is faced with a real dilemma: Do as it always does and be stubborn, or try something new and actually acknowledge what the fans—the people who shell out the money—really want?

    All is not as it seems in this business. 

    As it was said in the opening slide, this night must end in drama, controversy or even a big bang!

    There is plenty of time between now and April 6th to keep good, existing feuds alive and build some new ones in time for 'Mania.

    Feuds are what makes this product fun. Superstars are put to the test and often enough, the verbal exchanges alone are worth investing in.

    Who will come out of the structure that night with title in hand and head intact?

    At the end of it, really, all that will be left will be a pile of bones, some dust and a bloody mess.