Including Brock Lesnar in WrestleMania Main Event Would Be Best Way to Book Star

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistFebruary 4, 2014


When you have a guy like Brock Lesnar—who is on a part-time schedule with the WWE—booking him can become somewhat of a challenge.

Lesnar's contract dictates that he isn't at every single taping of Raw—or even some pay-per-view shows. With that said, how can you really pull out a seriously legitimate rivalry over a period of time?

Even more concerning is how do you book Lesnar for the biggest show of the year—WrestleMania XXX? He is absent on plenty of Raw and SmackDown tapings, so there is a worry over creating a sustainable rivalry for him that could work.

However, Lesnar is very much a guy who belongs in the main event of the show. Whether that is against Batista, Randy Orton, John Cena, Daniel Bryan or The Undertaker—he has to be there if creative is to do its job effectively.

Look at Lesnar's actions on the Raw following the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. He may be only part time with the company, but he knows how to make an impact. He destroyed a tag team championship match with a brutal assault on Cody Rhodes and Goldust, first of all.

What is perhaps even more striking was his ability to pull more of a reaction from the crowd than Batista—who had just won the Royal Rumble 24 hours before that. Admittedly, most of his excellent promo work comes through the medium of his manager, Paul Heyman, but that is simply another reason why Lesnar belongs in the main event.

Heyman is without a doubt one of the best managers in professional wrestling history, and his presence at WrestleMania XXX has to be done right, too. His association with CM Punk when he was the WWE Champion for 434 days made the reign more prolonged—and more worthwhile.

Then there was the Rumble pay-per-view itself. Lesnar's dismantling of the Big Show wasn't the best thing you're ever likely to see at the Royal Rumble, but it was done to send a message that the WWE are building Lesnar up as a feared, revered monster. They now have to capitalize on that by sending him to the main event.

While nobody is suggesting Lesnar should or should not be champion, as it would not be the worst move if Brock is sticking around through Mania. CM Punk's departure—or supposed departure—from the company means there is an even bigger opening for a top star to make its mark.

It is Brock's time—for the good of the pay-per-view that is hyped so much.