Raw Review: Still No CM Punk, New Face of the WWE and More

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CM Punk chants dominated Raw from Nebraska, as expected, but fans seem to be clueless as to who is to blame for Punk’s departure.

In reportedly quitting WWE, Punk has essentially robbed fans of an opportunity to see him perform, and paying customers may be better served spending their energy rebelling against Punk’s selfish decision rather than the WWE.

Daniel Bryan being the face of the WWE may not be as good as it sounds. If Triple H and Stephanie got behind Bryan, wouldn’t that essentially make him heel? It would be like taking blood money, and history has already told us that a heel Bryan is a decision that is bound to backfire.

Batista and Alberto Del Rio are both awkward characters in transition at the moment. With some fine-tuning, however, this feud can get both wrestlers where they need to be in order to truly connect with fans.

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