Super Bowl Commercials 2014: Breaking Down Most Hilarious Ads from Big Game

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Super Bowl Commercials 2014: Breaking Down Most Hilarious Ads from Big Game
Jacquelyn Martin/Associated Press

In the midst of a blowout in Super Bowl XLVIII, there were a handful of commercials that helped make the boring game entertaining.

The game, which broke a record for most television viewers in U.S. history, quickly turned ugly, and fans needed a distraction from the disappointing lack of competition. 

Thankfully, multimillion-dollar (or bigger) companies went to extreme lengths to lure customers to their place of business with expensive Super Bowl ads. The extreme competition for attention always produces gems of comedy, and this year's crop was no different. 

With that in mind, here's a look at the funniest commercials from Super Bowl XLVIII.

Tim Tebow Does It All 

The fact that Tim Tebow doesn't have an NFL contract continues to be a hot topic among loyal fans and the quarterback's detractors.

T-Mobile used this tension to perfectly execute a hilarious commercial in which Tebow raves about the virtues of being without a contract, which is a hallmark selling point for the company.

In the ad, Tebow shows just how much one can truly accomplish while being free to pursue whatever his heart desires.

This includes delivering a baby—much to the delight of the happy father, and much to the shock and horror of his wife—chasing after Big Foot, becoming an action star in his own movie, "Illegal Formation," and more. 

Tebow's always been known as a good sport, and this was just another reason why. 

Terry Crews Gets Jacked by the Muppets

Toyota nailed this ad. 

The Muppets need a lift, so naturally Terry Crews—the star of many an Old Spice commercial, as well as many other shows and movies—pulls over to help the poor buggers out. 

Of course, the Muppets can't help but get into trouble, so they end up taking Crews' Toyota for a spin, with him in the back. Obviously, the Muppets start singing and, eventually, Crews can't help but sing along. 

Those troublesome puppets are just too adorable to stay mad at for long. 

Even Bears Can't Resist Chobani

We've all been there before, with the desperate need for some delicious Chobani yogurt. 

What we didn't know until Super Bowl Sunday is that massive bears can become addicted, too. 

The look on the teller's face while she hides in terror is priceless. 

The Doberhuahua

Audi discusses what happens when one compromises. 

No doubt you've wondered what would happen if you combined a Doberman pinscher with a Chihuahua. After all, both dogs have good qualities, but they also both carry bad reputations. 

But, as often is the case when one compromises, rather than gaining a positive, the negatives rise to the surface.

Needless to say, nobody's going to attempt that combination any time soon. 

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