James Harden and Anthony Davis Go in Disguise for New Foot Locker Ad

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterFebruary 4, 2014

James Harden and Anthony Davis have teamed up for a new Foot Locker commercial touting the store's upcoming February sale.

Obviously, Harden will need to dress up as someone less famous to take part in this wonderful event. 

But who to pick? He couldn’t very well go as Brian Scalabrine, the almighty Scalamander and Red Baron of the hardwood. He’d be hip-deep in females and adoring fans before he could get past the Sbarro’s.

Ultimately, Harden chooses to dress up as Davis. Clearly, if you’re going to disguise yourself as some less recognizable famous person, your best bet is going as a 6’10,” first overall draft pick with an expansive unibrow.

 That’s always the ticket.

Past the obvious joke of Harden dressing up as another recognizable athlete in order to shop in comfort, Foot Locker’s commercial has some other gems worthy of note.

For one, can we have James Harden’s RV? Can we take it around the block? At least smell it?

Harden’s luxury motorhome appears to be two stories tall and feature its very own observation deck. Even Davis can stand in comfort in this bad boy. I want one.

Furthermore, I’m going to be saying “I would disagree” in response to any argument I encounter for the next several days. It’s simple, yet sophisticated enough to put someone on their heels. The next time your buddy’s friend starts spewing hot sports takes and you begin to feel that red hatred creeping up the back of your skull, just relax.

Instead of breaking the remote on his eyes, take a deep breath, put on a creepy smile and deliver this line. They won’t know how to react.

With that said, bravo, Foot Locker. Your goofy Anthony Davis trolling has our attention. Be on the lookout for a part two of this series, which will hopefully be kids mistaking a disguised James Harden as Bert from Sesame Street.


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