Chris Bosh and Daughter Videobomb Dwyane Wade's Postgame Interview

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The key to raising your child to be an effective videobomber is starting early.

Traditional wisdom suggests you wait until your son or daughter is old enough to understand the concepts of awkwardness and smarm before introducing them to the videobomb, but Chris Bosh doesn’t have the patience.

Miami’s resident jokester/basilisk took it upon himself to school his daughter in the art of ruining serious moments after Monday night’s game between the Heat and Detroit Pistons.

The moment was spotted by Mike Johnson of Next Impulse Sports. Silent as a child-toting shadow, Bosh slid into the frame between teammate Dwyane Wade and Sun Sports reporter Will Manso.

That’s when he gave them the look.

It’s a facial expression that says, “I’m taking this one back to the nest.”

The look.

Completely inured to Bosh’s constant drive-by facial expressions, Wade ignored the incident. Manso, on the other hand, was just excited it happened while he was on the job.

Filling in for colleague Jason Jackson, Manso was glad to have observed this strange incident up close and personal.

“I feel like if I’m going to do this one night for Jackson, I need to get one video bomb,” Manso said. “So I appreciate that.”

He was even more excited that Miami managed to pull out a W, as it helped him fend off the cyber trolls at the gate for another day. Naturally, had the Pistons won, it would’ve been Manso’s fault for providing such insufferable courtside juju

On the basketball side of things, Monday was a decent night for Bosh, as the forward managed 17 points and seven rebounds in 35 minutes in the Heat's 102-96 win. 

Wednesday, the Heat will travel to Los Angeles to take on the Clippers. Should they find themselves in the winning column, don’t be surprised to see Bosh and his daughter riding tricycles through someone’s back shot.

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