Jeff Hardy: The True Champion

brenton falknerContributor IJune 8, 2009

How about that! Five titles changing hands at EXTREME RULES and the World Heavyweight Title changed hands twice. Congratulations WWE. The way you are going it looks like the only way CM Punk's going to win a title match is when someone is horribly decapitated and their back is turned.

If everyone saw the brilliant match which saw Edge and Jeff Hardy take each other on in a Ladder Match, I'm guessing you would have loved how THAT result turned out. To be truly honest Jeff Hardy, what he had been through he was rightfully deserving of the title and the cheers of the crowd for that time were bigger and better than the first time he won it. For four minutes he held that title, the shortest in World Heavyweight Championship history. It looked like Smackdown! was finally going to see their prodigal son come back with some gold around his waist, but that was not to be.

CM Punk aka Mr. Money In The Bank came out and cashed in his briefcase. With a battered Jeff Hardy having to take the challenge CM Punk took the chance to not once but twice hit Hardy with a GTS and pin him to become the New World Heavyweight Champion.

So honestly what does this really mean? They have finally turned CM Punk into a heel. Is the only way CM Punk is going to get a Title Match is through MITB?...Hell Yes. That is his only way of getting a major title, if he was to do what Jeff does and earns his chances then guess what CM Punk would be such a better wrestler than what he is now.

Now it looks like a The Great American Bash or just The Bash. Now it's going to be a Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Title (Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk vs Edge). Why have I made the headline Jeff Hardy: The True Champion is simply because he is and now he can scratch Edge off and put CM Punk on his hit list.