No Sleep 'til Silverstone; FOTA Must Boycott The British GP

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No Sleep 'til Silverstone; FOTA Must Boycott The British GP
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If Formula One can have something called a "signature event", that is beside Monte Carlo. The British Grand Prix is one of those events, especially at Silverstone one of the most famous and infamous circuits in the world.

Like I've been saying for a long time in my articles here, Formula One's cache, capital and hook are in its teams, drivers and venues.  Nothing would prove FOTA's point more succinctly than a boycott of the British Grand Prix, despite of Mosley's decision on the 12th.

If it is coordinated and not announced to late, it would effectively destroy the FIA's position. The organizers and Bernie Ecclestone will want to cancel the event to avoid embarrassment, while Mosley and the FIA will want to push forward. A Grand Prix with four cars in it, it will be like Indianapolis all over again... except much worse.

A boycott is a weapon of last resort, but we are in desperate times (Desperate times call for desperate measures.)

It would show the will and resolve of the FOTA leaders if they went through with a decision to boycott a race as important as the one in two weeks time.  Max Mosley is a dictator and tyrant, the only way to deal with someone like that is by showing them you have the power and the will to do so.

In the end it might be an empty gesture or just another pointless, petulant, tantrum thrown by grown men, billionaires and multinational auto manufacturers. But  on the other hand it could work, nobody will tune into the race on Sunday afternoon and everyone will lose out and maybe just maybe Max Mosley will see the error of his ways.

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