How Washington-Pittsburg Would Have Changed The NHL

Ben PiskorContributor IApril 23, 2008

What more could you ask for than the two biggest names in hockey battling it out over a seven game series?

If you have a better answer than that, you probably have no idea of what the NHL needs to become as big as football and basketball. Think about the great rivalries from the past; Bird and Magic, Nicholson and Palmer, and many more that defined their sport, and brought each to a new level of popularity and skill.

This is what Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby are doing to the NHL. However, it's not enough to meet a few times during the regular season. These two need to face off in the playoffs as soon as possible, and I, for one, am disappointed that it won't happen this season.

Ovechkin amazed everyone with his individual skills, as well as his leadership, to not only get his team into the playoffs, but to get them up to the third spot in the East.  Crosby has been the poster boy of the NHL since his discovery four years ago.  He now has a team around him that gives him a chance to reach the pinnacle of the hockey world, winning the Stanley Cup.

However, these accomplishments would mean so much more if they had to go through one another to reach the Cup. This series would have enticed so many viewers to watch this epic battle. It could have been the key event that spurred the NHL into a more mainstream position for years to come.