The Top 5 Players All-Time Still In The NBA

John Azam AzamCorrespondent IJune 8, 2009

What I am going to write is The top 5 players all-time that are still the nba but in their whole career. It is probaly confusing, but if you read it again it is not. There are alot of people in the nba that had a great career. So here are the top 5in their whole career but are still in the nba.

1. The first is probally Allen Iverson. I dont see anyone that had a better career than Allen Iverson that is still in the nba. I know he didnt win a championship in his career, but championship isnt everything. His stats in his career is 27 pionts, 6 assists,  and 2 steals. He led a horrible team in the playoffs and in the finals but he did it. He also won game won. He won 3 scoring titles. And I forgot to say at the following season when he led the sixers to the finals he was the mvp in the 2001 season. Thats why I picked him. And there are more reasons why but this is these are the main reasons.

2. Shaq is my second pick. He has four nba titles and was the finals mvp in all of them. His career average in pionts is 25. He was a great rebounder. He is very dominant and broke the basket 3 TIMES!!!

3. My third pick is Kobe Bryant. He went to the finals 4 times. He has never won the finals mvp. Now we will see if Kobe can when his first title without Shaq. He can finally win the finals mvp this postseason. He is a great scorer. He is also a great shooter.

4. Tim Duncan is my fourth pick. He great at blocking, scoring , and rebounding. As a PF he averages 3 assists a game which is great for a power forward. Tim Duncan has 4 rings and was the finals mvp in in all of them. He improved his jumpshooting in 2008.

5. I dont wreally know the fifth. It is probally Steve Nash,Kevin Garnett, or Ray Allen. The fifth people all won a championship except for Steve Nash. But Steve Nash was the mvp 2 times