Drake Wears Johnny Manziel Double-Kiss-Photo Sweatshirt to Super Bowl Parties

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistFebruary 3, 2014

via Lost Lettermen

Johnny Manziel and Drake seem to be supporting each other wherever they go these days.

Last year, Manziel received an unprecedented amount of coverage for a Heisman Trophy winner. Everything he did, including what he did during spring break, ended up grabbing headlines.

One of the highlights of his spring break had to be when he was getting kissed by two girls, as reported by Busted Coverage's Robert Xavier:

via Busted Coverage

That moment apparently earned Drake's respect.

The rapper was spotted wearing a sweatshirt sporting Manziel's famous photo at pre-Super Bowl parties on Sunday:

via Lost Lettermen

via Lost Lettermen


It looks like both sides are benefiting from this high-profile friendship.

[Lost Lettermen]