Tommy Dreamer Is the New ECW Champion?

GregCorrespondent IJune 7, 2009

Wow! That was one Hell of a shocker! Dreamer is the new ECW Champion! Tommy Dreamer was supposedly retiring tonight at Extreme Rules, but prevailed over The Instant Classic and the All-American American.

What I have to say is... what? Look, don't get me wrong. I enjoy watching Dreamer in the extreme ECW. He is called the heart of ECW by the announce teams, and he is the heart... of the old one.

This is a new ECW that doesn't try Extreme Rules. They don't want barbed wire or flaming tables. All they want is real skill and mic abilities.

Then again, I wanted Dreamer to go on and win the championship because, well, he deserves it. Dreamer has been with WWE basically since ECW closed.

He was used on and off from 2001 to 2005 when ECW returned. Dreamer's first feud in the returning Land of Extreme was teaming with Sandman to take on Mike Knox and Test (RIP).

He went on to take on Khali for a while, before returning to the feud of the New Breed.

Dreamer has basically been a punching bag up to when he was fighting Mark Henry for the title. He actually looked like he had a chance, and the storyline didn't seem bad to me.

After this, though, Tommy went back to the jobber for the new guys. He was beaten by Jack Swagger in an Extreme Rules match...What the Hell?

Maybe this sounds ignorant, but it just looked like he got no respect from the WWE. I never thought once that he would win the title again. I mean, honestly, he didn't even want to win a title in the old ECW. On The Rise and Fall of ECW, Tommy said this.

"I was actually pissed off. I wanted to go my whole ECW career without winning a title. The only reason I won was because guys left."

He didn't even want a title! How can you be a wrestler and not want to win a title? I guess Tommy doesn't need a title to feel successful.

That's a weird attitude for a wrestler to have, because as one man once said. If you don't want the World Championship, why be a wrestler?

Tommy, congratulations on your capturing the title. I hope it lasts a while and you finally show the dominance that you need to show. Good luck.


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