Saying Goodbye to RAW: A Rant

Christi LottCorrespondent IJune 7, 2009



I'm watching Extreme Rules right now (thankfully not paid for) and after the majority of garbage forced down my throat tonight, I'm saying goodbye to watching RAW.

First, the ridiculousness that is the Divas match, if you want to call it that. Instead of giving the RAW girls a chance to show their stuff, we get Santina, a man in drag, and Vickie Guerrero, the RAW GM and not a wrestler, in a hog pen match.

The throwing of the mud and chow was somewhat symbolic of what's happened to the Divas on that show.

Second, the garbage that was the cage match. A seven minute cage match where a clean pin happens. As it's know at this moment, injury-prone Batista has reportedly gotten himself hurt again.

Yet, instead of being fired ala Mr. Kennedy, he gets the title. I guess having friends in high places can really pay off. 

Now I'm sure this will set up HHH's return, but so what? Orton uses interference to get the title back? Why must the McMahons insist on burying Orton when it really counts? He can't beat HHH in a no DQ match at WM 25, but beats him in a six man tag via distraction.

He slaps the ref to get out of Batista winning, but then, like at WM25 gets pinned clean. I no longer take Orton seriously or as a credible anything. The man wiped out all the McMahons and it means nothing.

Finally, the joke of the submission match. Yes, I am not a fan of Cena and never have been. I'm sick of the announcers talking about how high the odds are stacked against Cena in every single match.

They called his win a miraculous win, yet he used the ropes to hold Show's leg. Orton does it, he's a coward and a cheater.

Cena does it, it's using Lady Luck (King's words) and it's a miraculous win. I am sick of watching Superman Cena and I've finally had enough.

So, I'm sure the WWE could care less, but they're "A" show has lost a viewer. Thankfully, Smackdown is awesome and ECW isn't too bad.

I've watched RAW since its very beginning, and I'm sad that I've been pushed to this. But the WWE has no one to blame but itself.

Goodbye, RAW.