Barcelona-Manchester United: Sir Alex Ferguson Can Rest Easy

illya mclellanSenior Analyst INovember 1, 2016

To see Barcelona vs. Manchester United battle it out reminds me of a titanic struggle I witnessed many years ago when I was taking a walk in the desert with a certain Mr Morrison. In the aftermath of gozilla vs. mothra perhaps I was disappointed that mothra flapped its wings too much and that godzilla's bites did not hit the mark. But looking a little bit harder at the clash that ended with a stalemate as godzilla chilled at a bar and got paid, and mothra hung out by a large light and got paid as well, i think they both knew who really was in the stronger position for their next meeting.

Looking at the game I think if you break down the chances and how they panned out according to possession and general play it was united that easily have won this game. They played a defensive game but still managed to win two penalties, one which was given and one ignored. The Barca defense was rarely challenged and yet they still gave away two penalties. This does not bode well for their trip to Manchester as their defense will come under a lot more pressure there than it experienced today. With such a large chunk of possession and nothing to show for it Barca need nothing short of a miracle to win next week, the magic thing about football is that these miracles happen. Thats the reason we all love it so much and the reason why we sit through such goal-laden fixtures as the one we witnessed between these two great clubs. I think in the next few days as the game is analysed ad nauseam it will become clear that united actually had the better and came out the stronger side. In fact I think after seeing that toothless performance by Barca that next week will be more reminiscent of United's trip to milan last year with United coming out as victor this time. At this time I realistically cannot see another outcome. As for the scoring draw scenario, Barca have not exactly been piling them into the back of the net of late so that is looking unlikely. Ferguson can rest easy but I doubt he will.