Best Super Bowl Commercials 2014: Breaking Down Funniest Ads from Big Game

Tyler BrookeSenior Analyst IIFebruary 3, 2014


Super Bowl XLVIII might not have lived up to the hype, but at least there were some new and creative commercials to watch.

The Denver Broncos got demolished by the Seattle Seahawks, losing 43-8 in the biggest game of the year. The "Legion of Boom" was simply too much for Peyton Manning and the Broncos offense, allowing just one touchdown and forcing four total turnovers.

While not all of the Super Bowl commercials were spectacular, there were still some funny ones. With that being said, let's take a look at some of the funniest ads from Super Bowl Sunday.


Terry Crews Hangs out with Muppets

Anyone that grew up watching the Muppets most likely enjoyed this one.

Originally, the combination of Terry Crews and a bunch of Muppets sounds odd, but somehow Toyota made it work for their commercial. 

Crews is driving down the road in his Highlander when he sees a broken-down bus. When he stops to help, a bunch of Muppets get into his car and go off to do all kinds of things. While originally scared and confused, Crews eventually begins enjoying himself, with them eventually showing him shirtless sticking out of the sunroof in his driveway screaming like a crazy person.

While Crews is normally a very stern-looking person, he can be one of the funniest people out there. Adding Muppets only made it better.


The Return of Leon Sandcastle and a New Face

Leon Sandcastle kind of got old after a while last season, and while the same thing might happen again this year, this was still a pretty entertaining commercial for the NFL draft and NFL Scouting Combine.

The NFL Network did a great job showing Leon Sandcastle's fictional rookie season, from scoring a touchdown to meeting up with Peyton Manning after the game—and then riding a horse.

But it appears that there will be a new face looking to make an undercover comeback this year, as Jerry Rice has become "Jerry Ricecake" with an equally crazy hairstyle.

If Sandcastle's rookie season went well, I can't wait to see what Ricecake does.


Bud Light Films Wild Super Bowl Commercial

Bud Light usually does a pretty strong job with their commercials, and their latest Super Bowl ad with an unsuspecting victim was pretty spectacular.

Ian Rappoport (not from NFL Network) is asked if he would like a beer. When he accepts, some of the craziest stuff happens. Ian ends up riding in a limo with Reggie Watts, gets styled by Minka Kelly, runs into Don Cheadle with a llama on an elevator and then plays ping-pong with the great Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The best part? Ian was not an actor, and he had no idea that he was being filmed for a Super Bowl ad.

Bud Light had previously released a number of teasers for this commercial that were very confusing, but now it all makes sense.


Tim Tebow Is Back

Even if you were sick and tired of former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow (much like me), there's still a pretty good chance that you enjoyed his commercials with T-Mobile.

Tebow does a great job making a little bit of fun of himself, showing what he's supposedly been up to since leaving the NFL. The list of things ranges from hunting Bigfoot to delivering a baby to saving puppies from a fire.

For Tebow, he's moving to a new career in television, as he'll be working with ESPN as a college football analyst. This was a pretty good start, as he appears comfortable and funny with enough preparation.