TurboTax's 2014 Super Bowl Commercial Proves 'Love Hurts' and Sean Can Dance

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterFebruary 2, 2014

TurboTax brought the funny early in the 2014 Super Bowl with a commercial that should have fans sufficiently annoyed with this Sean guy. 

The tax-software company decided to lean heavily on the gyrating moves of its ad's prom villain. While most of the commercial was devoid of tax talk, it did get its message across: Don't let the Seans of the world get you down. 

Of course, it was hard to guess what the commercial was actually selling until the final 15 seconds. If you thought the game starting with a safety was a shock, then came the reveal that our poor protagonist and his plight was all to get you thinking about the looming tax season. 

We weren't the only ones flummoxed, because Twitter user Cespedes Family BBQ said it best.


— Cespedes Family BBQ (@CespedesBBQ) February 2, 2014 

And The Sklar Brothers nailed exactly what many of you were thinking while watching the ad entitled Love Hurts:

Turbo Tax nails it's audience: High School Seniors. #promdeductions #superbowl

— The Sklar Brothers (@SklarBrothers) February 2, 2014

And so we have one of many commercials elbowing their way to the top of the heap for best of the big game. Only time will tell if Sean's moves will prove memorable outside your respective living rooms and well into the subsequent week. 

We have to think Sean's swagger will take up a sizable chunk of the chatter. 

The voice-over certainly sounds familiar. We can't confirm that it's John C. Reilly, a similar issue noted by AdWeek's David Griner in previous TurboTax commercials. Contractual obligations often prevent companies from revealing the identity of celebrity voice-overs, Griner reported earlier this year.

In this case, the familiar voice offers, "Today's not a holiday for you. Somebody stole your holiday. You need to take it back," before suggesting that your year can be a whole lot merrier with TurboTax's service. 

All we know is that while football season is nearly over, this Sean character looks like he is having the time of his life. 


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