Super Bowl 2014: 10 Funniest Prop Bets for the Broncos and Seahawks

Ryan Bothmann@tripleCfanSenior Analyst IIFebruary 2, 2014

Super Bowl 2014: 10 Funniest Prop Bets for the Broncos and Seahawks

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    The biggest game of the football season is finally here. It's the Seattle Seahawks and the best defense in the NFL against the Denver Broncos and the best offense in the NFL.

    We have all heard the analysis of the game for the last two weeks, and if you're like me, you just want to stop reading about the game and get it started.

    Well, we still have a little longer to go, so let's have some fun instead.

    The Super Bowl has millions of dollars bet on it each year. From who will win the game, to prop bets about the game, to prop bets that have nothing to do with the game, you can bet on almost anything that will happen on Super Bowl Sunday.

    For the third straight year, here is a look at the top ten funniest prop bets for this year's Super Bowl.

10. Coin Toss

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    I always love to include the coin toss on this list. It's great to think of the kind of money that people will bet on the flip of a coin. If you think about it, most games we don't even pay attention to the coin toss. We're still busy driving to our buddy's house because we are running late for the game.

    The coin toss has become just as big as the game, though, it seems like. Everybody wants to see if the coin comes up heads or tails and if they got their night of betting off to a good start or not.

    You should probably stay away from this prop because not only figuratively, but also literally, it's a toss up. I usually pick tails every year, though, so my advice this year is to go with heads.

9. Beast Mode

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    We all know about Beast Mode. There will likely be that person at your Super Bowl party who knows nothing about sports, and you will have to explain Beast Mode to them. But for anybody on this website reading about sports, you have heard of Marshawn Lynch and how he goes into Beast Mode at times during the game.

    The question for this prop asks us how many times Beast Mode will be mentioned during the game.

    Given the fact that announcers like to tell us so many stories about the players, I am pretty confident that they will mention Beast Mode a few times in the game. The over/under is two right now, so you should probably take the over in order to get the push when they mention it twice during the game.

8. Will Knowshon Moreno Cry During the National Anthem?

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    I'm not going to make fun of Knowshon Moreno for crying during the national anthem, but I have to put it on the list because it is one of the strangest prop bets of all time.

    Moreno was shown crying by cameras this year in a game against Kansas City, and everyone wants to know if we will see it again.

    Given the fact that this is such a big stage and the national anthem at the Super Bowl is such a big deal, I bet we will see Moreno get a little choked up on the sidelines.

7. Color of Gatorade

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    Orange, red, yellow, blue, green or clear. Those are your choices for color of Gatorade dumped on the head coach at the end of the Super Bowl.

    The most popular color of Gatorade tends to be orange, so that is the favorite in this prop, with clear coming in second since a lot of teams dump water on the coach instead of Gatorade.

    The rest of the colors are all pretty much long shots, so if you want to have fun, go with one of those. If you want to win, though, you should probably pick clear.

6. Peyton Manning vs. John Elway

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    Of course there is a Manning vs. Elway prop on here. There just has to be.

    This one seems like free money to me, but Peyton Manning is a significant favorite, so you will not win a lot off of it.

    Will Peyton Manning have more passing attempts tonight than John Elway had passing attempts and completions in Super Bowl XXXII?

    Elway had 34 total completions and attempts when the Broncos played in Super Bowl XXXII. This season Manning has gone over that total in every game except for one. That game was the regular-season finale against the Oakland Raiders, where Manning only played part of the game.

    Since we expect Manning to be playing the whole game tonight, you can bet your bankroll that he will have more than 35 passing attempts tonight.

5. USA vs. Broncos

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    Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

    Will the United States win more gold medals in the Olympics, or will the Broncos score more first half points?

    This is certainly a very interesting prop, and I have to say that I am not surprised that the Broncos are favored to have more first-half points than the United States has gold medals.

    The United States won nine gold medals in the 2010 Olympics, and although I expect them to win at least 10 this year, I expect the Broncos to score about 14 first-half points against Seattle.

    Go with Denver right here, but hopefully the United States takes the gold in everything in Sochi.

4. Crabtree vs. Sherman

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    If you have not heard about the beef between Michael Crabtree and Richard Sherman, then you obviously don't follow sports. Since you are reading this, I am going to assume you follow sports, and since you follow sports, you have obviously heard about the beef between Crabtree and Sherman.

    So the question asks us if Crabtree will mention Sherman in a tweet during the game.

    I am going to go with no.

    Crabtree is fairly active on Twitter, but he does not tweet a ton. The prop also mentions that the tweet has to come during the game. If he mentions Sherman after the game, which is quite probable, it will not count for this prop.

    Crabtree probably has better things to do than rip on Sherman on Twitter during the game.

3. Will the Power Go out at the Game?

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    The power outage at last year's Super Bowl was a very unique situation that we have never seen in sports before, and probably will never see at a big event like the Super Bowl ever again.

    Still, you should probably just not bet on this prop.

    The odds are so ridiculous on this prop that to make money off of picking no, you will have to bet a small fortune. And if the power does go out in the game for some strange reason, you will be out a lot of money.

    If you want to bet a small amount on yes and hope you cash out big, then go for it, but be prepared to lose.

2. Total Omaha Calls by Manning

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    Omaha! Omaha! Omaha!

    It's the word we have heard Peyton Manning say for years. So will we hear it more or less than 27.5 times during the Super Bowl?

    There are two theories on this. The fact that Seattle has had two weeks to study what happens on different plays when Manning calls Omaha may mean that he tries to take it out of the game or chooses to use a different word.

    The other theory is that Omaha means so many different things in different plays and formations that it is impossible to figure out, and Manning will say it a bunch of times to drive the defense into insanity.

    It's the Super Bowl, and I want to hear Manning say Omaha 100 times during the game. So go with the over on this prop.

1. Skittles

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    We have seen some great Super Bowl props in the past, but this is my favorite Super Bowl prop of all time.

    Will Marshawn Lynch average more yards per carry than the amount of calories in one Skittle?

    We all know how Marshawn Lynch loves his Skittles and how they help him get into his Beast Mode. Can he carry the ball enough to beat the number of calories in a Skittle, though?

    This prop is almost a toss-up. One Skittle contains 4.3 calories, while Lynch is averaging 4.2 yards per carry this year and for his career. This postseason Lynch is averaging five yards per carry, though.

    I think the Broncos run defense has been quite impressive this postseason, however. I don't think they can completely neutralize Lynch, but I am fairly confident that they can contain him and hold him to less than 4.3 yards per carry.