Indianapolis Colts Injury Update

The Colts CornerContributor IJune 7, 2009

INDIANAPOLIS - DECEMBER 07:  Joseph Addai #29 of the Indianapolis Colts runs the ball against the Cincinnati Bengals at Lucas Oil Stadium on December 7, 2008 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

The Colts have been injured this week, good thing it is not during the season.

Anthony Gonzalez: Missed practice because of right leg. Should return in two or three days. A minor injury, but it has gotten a lot of publicity.

Steve Justice: Recovering from back surgery. As of now is the Colts starting right guard. This could open things up for Pollack to overtake him.

Sam Giguere: Broke a bone in leg. Is competing for the third receiver spot, although he is the dark horse canidate.

Adam Vinatieri: Had surgery to repair his right hip. The Colts looked at Nick Novak, but Vinatieri should be back before the season starts.

Tony Ugoh: Had surgery to clean out his right knee. Hopefully this will help him get back on track after a sophmore slump.

Ryan Lilja: Had surgery for the third time on his knee. His career looks to be winding down. Jamey Richard and Mike Pollack should be the Colts two starting guards this time next season.

Joseph Addai: Had knee surgery. Hopefully he will come back to form after an awful season last year. He will be back in time for week one.