Best Reactions to Tim Tebow's T-Mobile Super Bowl 2014 Commercial

Joseph Zucker@@JosephZuckerFeatured ColumnistFebruary 2, 2014

Tim Tebow appears on ABC's
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Tim Tebow will likely be a star on Super Bowl Sunday, but not for anything that he'd do on the field.

His commercial with T-Mobile has already been leaked online. In it, Tebow notes that he doesn't need a contract, because that would preclude him from doing things such as delivering a baby, finding Bigfoot, being a rock star or starring in a 1970s-themed cop show.   

Tebow wanted to emphasize on Twitter that he does his own stunts. Would you expect anything else from a football player? Doing movie stunts is like a day off:

The ad is very humorous and shows a side of Tebow that many haven't seen.

Even those who are sick of the former Heisman Trophy winner have to admit that it's a clever commercial and done very well. There's little doubt it will be one of the most talked-about spots following Super Bowl XLVIII.

T-Mobile's CMO Mike Sievert admitted that the commercial was a bit daring but that it fits in with what his company is trying to accomplish.

"The Super Bowl is not for every brand, but it's consistent with what we are trying to do," Sievert said, per Laura Petrecca of USA Today. "We're a brand that is bold and brash."

As you'd expect with anything that involves Tim Tebow, it has sparked a bit of a reaction on the interwebs.

Sports media journalist Ed Sherman thinks Tebow could be the next Peyton Manning, at least when it comes to his ability to sell things:

Joe Lucia of Awful Announcing thought it was impressive that the former NFL QB could lean on the fact that he still hasn't signed with another team and then turn that into a commercial. Also, somebody may want to tell Tebow that he does work for ESPN:

Good for Tebow for making the most of not playing in the NFL this season and somehow turning that lack of interest into a commercial, though I'm not sure how well that plays into the fact that he now has a broadcasting contract with ESPN.

As this Sporting News image shows, Tebow's job now is a bit more altruistic than his last one:

This commercial demonstrates that Tebow is a likable personality. You might not agree with his religious views, but he's self-deprecating and good in front of a camera.

It's the guys like Skip Bayless who caused many opinions of the former Heisman winner to sour. Many could only hear so much about his performance and perceived slights by the Denver Broncos and New York Jets before ultimately taking it out on the player.

As Sherman pointed out, Tebow could very well turn himself into a hot commodity commercially, and if this ad is any example, that's not a terrible thing.


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