UFC 169: Mir vs. Overeem Round-by-Round Recap and Analysis

Riley Kontek@@BigRIlesMMAFeatured ColumnistFebruary 1, 2014

UFC 169: Mir vs. Overeem Round-by-Round Recap and Analysis

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    A heavyweight bout was  afoot with big implications, as Dutch striker and former Strikeforce champion Alistair Overeem took on former UFC champion Frank Mir. It was a win-or-go-home fight for both men.

    Overeem was on a two-fight skid, both of which came via brutal knockouts to Antonio Silva and Travis Browne. Mir was on a three-fight skid, falling via knockout to Junior dos Santos and Josh Barnett, while losing a decision to Daniel Cormier.

    Who will come out on top in this crucial bout?

    It was Overeem. Superior striking and a composed ground game brought him the win.

    Here was how the fight went, if you missed it.

Round 1

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    Both men start out feeling each other up. Mir took the center of the cage.

    They clinched up against the cage, but quickly broke up. Overeem cracked Mir with a left, but he was unfazed.

    They clinched up with Overeem landing knees. he hurt him and they went to the ground.

    Mir got hurt by some elbows with Overeem on top. Overeem landed some good ground-and-pound, while Mir looked to get back up.

    Mir got his feet, but took some punishment in the clinch. They broke up and they squared off in the center.

    Mir winged some strikes, but Overeem moved out of the way. Overeem looks fresh while Mir looks somewhat tentative. They clinch up again and Mir tries to jump on a leg lock.

    Overeem ended the round on top to take round 1.

    Result: Overeem 10-9

Round 2

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    Another feeling out process starts this off, but Overeem is in control.

    They clinched against the cage, but the ref broke them up. Overeem landed some more good strikes, but Mir got Overeem on his back.

    Mir looks for his opponents neck, but it was not to be. He maintained top control before he dove on a guillotine. Overeem got out and ended up on top.

    Overeem maintained top control, but didn't do much. Mir finally got back to full guard, which Overeem treated with caution.

    The ref stood them up, but it mattered not. Overeem took an uneventful round.

     Result: Overeem 10-9


Round 3

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    The round starts off on the feet, but Mir tries to get it down. Overeem ends up on top.

    Overeem let Mir up, obviously because he wants to knock him out. Mir goes for another takedown, but Overeem reverses it and ends up on top.

    Overeem tags him from top position, but Mir gathers his thoughts. Halfway through the round, it's obvious that Overeem is content to ride this to a decision. Mir needs a submission.

    A lot of the same with about a minute left. Overeem now obviously content to cruise to a decision win.

    They get stood up. Overeem tags him with a huge right, but Mir takes it like a boss. Overeem is unimpressed with Mir's standup, as are most people. they end the fight standing and the crowd boos.

    Result: Overeem 10-9

    Predicted Result: Overeem def. Mir 30-27

    Official Result: Alistair Overeem def. Frank Mir via unanimous decision