NBA Draft: Where Does Stefanski Go From Here

Doug DonofrioCorrespondent IJune 7, 2009

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Continued from previous article:

Stefanski calmly and softly climbed out of bed and made his way to his car. He quickly grabbed the briefcase put on his trousers and made his way to the office on the second floor of the Wachovia Center.

It was now 1:55 AM—just minutes shy of his impending rendezvous with the Figure who happened to be in his office the night before.

Ed scurried to the elevator, hurried out, approached his office, put the key in the door and walked in. The room was dark with a feint smell of a Reeses peanut butter cup permeating through the air.

Ed hurriedly looked for his notes and copies of draft information; the clock was now 2:30 PM and there was no sign of the Figure.

He was to meet the figure at 2:00 PM in his office, the Figure said so. Ed walked over to turn the lights on-"No Ed" the voice shouted from across the room. "Sit down, let's get started" stated the Figure. "It's you, how did you get in here?" retorted Stefanski. "That is not important, what is important is what you are going to do with this team."

"You said you were going to tell me what I am to do?" "No, Ed-I told you what you need to do; search your heart, understand your vision, know your sheep, and make sure the sheep know their shepperd."

"Ed, you have decided upon Eddie Jordan to lead this group." You must have thought this through enough to where you know what pieces you need to get to the next level."

Eddie Jordan wants intelligent, selfless, skilled basketball players who can spread the floor and create high percentage shots through cuts to the basket; he wants decisive movement to draw attention which can result in open looks through back and down screens from the top of the key, through to the paint, and as far as the baseline."

"I know what it is you are saying, but what about names in the draft" tooted Stefanski.

"Ed, there are going to be names in the draft, sure, but what you need to do first is make sure you understand the Princeton offense; study the diagrams, talk to Eddie Jordan, talk to Pete Carill, be diligent in your preparation, and study, study, and study some more".

"You must know the philosophy, the system, the rules, the intertwining and connectedness of how the players move with and without the ball before you are ready for names in the draft".

"I see.. I need to do my homework first". "Yes, Ed you have much work to do before you are ready to make your selection on draft day."

"The shepperd must know his sheep in the gate; their behavior, their personalities, their likes, and dislikes before he can go out and look for that one or two additional sheep to put back in the gate."

"Thank you, I appreciate your time tonight". "My pleasure Ed". "I want you to do me one more favor Ed". "What is it?"

"Meet me here again on June 20 at 3:00 AM." 

The Figure left the darkened room-it is was 3:30 am. Ed cracked a slight smile, picked up his briefcase and headed for the door.


To Be Continued