Jimmy and Jey Uso Have Established Themselves as Best Tag Team in the WWE

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistFebruary 1, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

The WWE tag team division is in somewhat of a peculiar place at this moment in time.

With an essentially part-time team in possession of the belts—no disrespect to the New Age Outlaws, but it is hard to imagine they will be around for the next few years—you have a division that could almost be described as being in turmoil.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust were pretty good custodians of the belts, but their reign had gone stale—perhaps given they were never able to fully engage in a real rivalry with a team over a prolonged period.

After the Outlaws turned heel a few weeks back on Raw—although whether they act like heel characters is up in the air in my eyes—it is now time for a new babyface team to emerge from the pack.

Step forward Jimmy and Jey Uso. It is remarkable to think that since they debuted on Raw back in 2010, they have not won the championships on a single occasion.

They bring a brand of wrestling to the ring that no other tag team in the WWE currently does. It is exciting, high risk and the kind of action that makes people cheer for you. They had alternated between being a pretty poor heel team and a babyface team, but the last few months have seen them enjoy a meteoric rise in the company.

For starters, they are now a solid face team, and that prolonged run with the same character type has enabled the crowd to get into them. Their chant, their face paint to highlight their Samoan culture—it all seems to have enabled them to get over more than they have in the past.

However, the big difference has come over the past few weeks. Arguably the hottest rivalry in the WWE over the last year has been Daniel Bryan vs. Bray Wyatt. They are both huge stars in terms of The Usos, so entering Jimmy and Jey into a brief rivalry with The Wyatt Family has been fantastic booking for the team.

When it all began, The Usos were simply the secondary part of the storyline, enabling Daniel Bryan to get one over on Bray on a regular basis by teaming with them. The Usos picked up three wins in just two editions of Raw—a pretty impressive feat, regardless of storyline.

By the time Daniel Bryan had turned face again, The Usos had almost been elevated to a whole new level—a level they had never been at before.

That rivalry is now complete, but in terms of Jimmy and Jey, it very much did the job. There is no tag team in the WWE better placed to challenge Road Dogg and Billy Gunn for the WWE Tag Team Championships. When you put together momentum, entertainment and excitement, no team seems to do it as much as The Usos at this moment in time.

Hopefully they get their shot at the belts. They certainly deserve it after an excellent few months.