Will Bama Be Bowling with the Trojans in Pasadena or Repeating '08?

Heath McGuffCorrespondent IJune 7, 2009

BATON ROUGE, LA - NOVEMBER 08:  Julio Jones #8 of the Alabama Crimson Tide avoids a tackle by Chris Hawkins #29 of the Louisiana State University Tigers  on November 11, 2008 at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The Tide defeated the Tigers 27-21 in overtime.  (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

It's clear that Alabama has one of the most storied franchise in the history of college football.

Many people often ask me what makes Alabama football so great? I reply championships and the bowl games.

Over the program's 112 year history, Alabama has the seventh most victories in Division I with 799, for a sixth best (.709) winning percentage.

The Tide has won 25 conference championships, (four Southern conference and 21 SEC championships) and has made an NCAA-record 56 postseason bowl appearances, which includes a record 31 victories.

Some other notable records include eight perfect seasons, 21 10-game win streaks, and is only second to the Oklahoma Sooners with 29 10–win seasons.

The program has six SEC West Division titles, which leads the West Division with six appearances in SEC Championship games.

Alabama currently holds a winning record against every SEC team!

Now that's saying something...

Let's look at what bowl's I would like to see Alabama in next season.

Rose bowl: The Rose bowl is the granddaddy of them all, this would be and exciting game to be playing in.

Knowing that USC is going to be a very good team this year I doubt they will be on there home court in Pasadena, or wherever the Rose Bowl will be held.

I would bet USC ends up in the BCS championship, that another story though.

But it would be awesome to see Alabama and USC face off on one of the most prestigious stages of them all!

This would be a very good game to see Alabama play in, in '09.

All state Sugar bowl: I don't think any Bama fan need be reminded of last years horrific finish!

We took an a** whipping in a dome which is pretty much in our back yard.

The Utah team came prepared to plead the case that not all non conference BCS teams are horrible, in fact they are becoming some of the best.

If Alabama played in the Sugar bowl I would like them to play some one from the ACC.

You can't have a bad game when the SEC faces the ACC.

Especially if it were some school like Florida State or Miami!

Any of the ACC teams would be a great matchup for Alabama. I LOVE to see the SEC vs ACC battles.

Fiesta bowl: This is one of my many favorite bowl games to watch.

Last year it was nothing short of spectacular. Texas and Ohio State took that game down to the wire!

I would like to see Alabama play a top notch school in this game, so maybe Penn state or West Virgina?

I like Bama the most when they are going up against very good teams where all the pressure is on the Tide!

Alabama plays great when on the verge of defeat.

when they were having to come form behind in the SEC championship they started to come back, but when the game was tied Bama struggled.

BCS Championship: I lied this is where I want to see Bama next season, I figure if we make this far we will be facing top notch school USC or the Big 12 power house Texas.

Whoeever we play I think we will win, I'm not being baised I have a lot of confidence in the Tide this year. Last season was a great season for our freshman and I think they will be looking to go all the way.

I would preferably like to see Alabama play USC just because they have the slightly better team over Texas.

Only time will tell who will be next years BCS champion but my money is riding on the SEC!

I think these are just a few games that would be intersting to see Alabama Crimson Tide to play in.

So what do you think would Alabama play well on any of these grand stages next season or would they get cold feet and lose miserably?

You tell me what you think would happen I gave you my input now you give yours.