Report: WWE Planning to Make Sting the Raw General Manager?

Sharon GlencrossContributor IFebruary 1, 2014


Sting as Raw's general manager sounds like a far-fetched idea. But per one recent report, it may be a very likely possibility.

Bryan Alvarez notes in this week's (subscribers-only) F4W Newsletter, that while the WCW legend hasn't officially signed, management sees it as only a matter of time until he does. And, as of now, the tentative plan is to make him the official Raw GM:

As far as we know Sting has not signed at press time, but the feeling is it's a foregone conclusion he's coming in. The feeling is that he won't be rushed into a match at WrestleMania, and we're told the working idea right now is for him to perhaps be the new Raw General Manager.

While some wrestling fans may be deeply disheartened to hear that the veteran won't be in a match at WrestleMania XXX, you can understand WWE's thinking here. Where exactly would you place him on the card, anyway? All the top spots are locked up.

As far as how Sting will perform in the role of an authority figure? Well, that may hinge on the quality of the writing and booking.

He frequently played the GM role during his time in TNA...with middling results.

One notorious Impact segment in 2010—which simply has to be seen to be believed—saw Sting command a raven to guard Eric Bischoff in his office to prevent him from leaving and getting involved in the main event.

Yes, Bischoff basically got taken hostage by a bird. (Alfred Hitchcock, this was not.)

Let's hope that whatever WWE bookers script for him this year will be a lot less ridiculous and something worthy of his talents. One would presume he'll be a babyface—someone to counteract against the villainous Triple H and Stephanie and help out Daniel Bryan and John Cena—but we'll have to wait and see.

And let's hope he keeps the evil hostage-taking birds as far away from Raw as possible.